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Bijinbayashi, Matsunoyama (Niigata) - 19th May 2012

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Today was a ride over to Tokamachi, meet up with Tokabochi, and have a bit of a drive around Tokamachi here in Niigata.

Lovely day it has been, just having a rest before going out for some beers so I thought I would take a look at the pics.


One place we went was 'Bijinbayashi' 美人林 which is in the Matsunoyama area. And lovely it is too.

Lots of very large trees.

And another fabulous explosion of fresh greens.


I don't think I have ever posted photos of trees before, so this will make up for it! ;)


It's not the biggest of places, but is very pretty all the same - and looks something like this:


































Anyway, time for some beers!

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I don't think I have ever posted photos of trees before, so this will make up for it!



Looks like a very cool place.

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Nice pond, filtered light, reflection, a bit of mist, all very atmospheric. That would be a nice unbusy photo to have on the wall. Thanks for sharing!


The trees look like buna, Japanese beeches. Tbh, the lack of variety suggests they were planted.

I want to put a beech in our garden but one called a copper beech. They're not popular in Japan, but if you've ever seen a purple tree in a park in Britain, that's what it is.

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That next to last one, that snow in the background?




Yes a bit of snow on the ground in places.


And :doh: forgot the cheese! Next time.


I tried looking for a map before we went - I thought it would be an hour or two walk round - but now I understand why there isn't a map!

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don't come in July or august.....unless you like walking around with a sweat towel for a t-shirt. May is nice, as is October and November, although that may be too close to snow season and you'd maybe regret not waiting a couple of months

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I recommmend October! Its not hot, you get many days with blue skies, the mountains will be in autumn colour, the mountain huts will still be open (stay on a mountain itself for by far the best scenery), and Kyoto will not be in autumn colour.


If you go to Kyoto in November during autumn colour, be prepared to battle mega crowds even on weekdays.

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And just look at the utterly pathetic attempt of the local tourist division:





The web and the low prevailing standard of web-based tourist promotion in Japan offer a town like Tokamachi a great opportunity to create a very low cost buzz about themselves. Websites, blogs, mixi, Facebook, Twitter are all effectively free to use and should be part of the skills of anyone working in marketing. Even learning about them costs nothing. Its like people are getting wages and nice pensions off the taxpayer but aren't really making any effort to do their job properly.

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Yeah just look at the amazing images posted above, that muikabochi seemingly took quickly and uploaded before going out to dinner!, and then what they have on their official site.

It's laughable.

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