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Looks familiar but cant place a name to it. Will put on my thinking cap

Tsugaike Kogen

That it is. Named after (and co-developed by the owners of) Hunter Mountain ski area in New York, USA.   Over to you, Muikabochi.

Well yes but SK is a huge area

What area in SK?


Whatever area you where talking about in this post



Good research oneHunga - over to you (unless Saitaman comes back to us)

BTW my pic was taken at Kumanoyu skijo near the southern end of Shiga Kogen

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especially since they are all schoolgirls…..the Jimmy Saville police would've been round ur way!!


It kinda looks like Teine Highland…..but there are a few bits that are off that makes me think it isn't….BUT I'll say Teine Highland anyway

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