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Anybody been there Golden Week? Are the T-bars running then? Is the chair lift course still fully skiable? What about the 5-km Shimizu Course from the parking lot down to Goshikunuma -- how does one get back up from there? (Take the bus? Does it run often?)



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No problem, I was gonna write a review for the forums too at some point.

Temp was hovering around 0 that day hence the jackets. Not much wind to speak of but it was definitely cooler at the peak.


I hear they may have the rope-tows running sometime in May. There was no sign of them last weekend so not sure if they're portable and just not installed yet or if the infrastructure is still buried under snow. I think the former may be true.

I imagine the lift course will still have plenty of snow come golden week (see car park photo below).

I passed a few buses between the onsen village and the top car park and there were a few people waiting at a bit of a bus stop thing down the bottom but I have no idea of the cost/frequency. A few people seemed to be hiking from the bottom car park too but it was a good 5km away by car.


Car park snow wall. It was twice this height in some places.



Main run down from the lift.



Panorama from the top of the lift.


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There have been certain ponderings and ruminations.

Nothing approaching the status of an actual plan, however.


Do it!! Then tell us all about it ;-)

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