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  1. Apologies if a thread already exists for this (I couldn't find one) or if it's in the wrong section (feel free to move it). I'm looking at applying for work in a medium sized ski resort that as far as I'm aware doesn't presently have any foreign staff. Just trying to get a bit of an idea of the average salaries for people working resorts if anyone has done it before/knows some figures. I searched online and could only find a rough guide of ¥80,000-125,000/month + free accommo for ski instructors in Niseko. Is this similar for other positions around the resort? Front desk/Information,
  2. No problem, I was gonna write a review for the forums too at some point. Temp was hovering around 0 that day hence the jackets. Not much wind to speak of but it was definitely cooler at the peak. I hear they may have the rope-tows running sometime in May. There was no sign of them last weekend so not sure if they're portable and just not installed yet or if the infrastructure is still buried under snow. I think the former may be true. I imagine the lift course will still have plenty of snow come golden week (see car park photo below). I passed a few buses between the onsen village and t
  3. 2014 kiled it up north at Appi, Talking to staff that have worked there for 12+ years they said this was the best season they've had.
  4. Finally used my pass over the weekend, will try and get my review done before the end of the week.
  5. At 44 currently, trying to get to 50 with a trip to Gassan and maybe another trip to Hakkoda on the cards.
  6. Not Appi, not Shizukuishi. @Bushiman, I think they do cat tours up through that valley and beyond. Would be epic.
  7. Sorry, didn't check this earlier because it was knee deep this weekend. Unbelievable.. See how you go with this.
  8. I usually ride only one or two groomers a day at Appi and spend most of my time on the sides or in the trees
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