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I'm going to ski in Japan 11/12 - and I can't wait.

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We don't allow posts that come across as promos/advertisement/links, TropicalPow. Please check out the Guidelines and you'll see why.


If you wish to discuss something like this, please email us as it's not the kind of thing we discuss online. Thank you.



As I said, please email us if you wish to discuss this. Not on here. Thank you.

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You are obviously upset that we deleted a post of yours. My colleague originally deleted it and when you asked why it was deleted, I politely asked you to email me if you wanted to discuss it after looking at the guidelines - rather than take it further on the Forums.


You then promptly posted a pretty sarcastic remark that compounded the issue, which I deleted.


And then you took it further with another one, presuming to know exactly why we had done what we did. The reason you presumed was incorrect, by the way.


I can understand that you are not keen on the idea of us deleting a post of yours. But if you check our Guidelines, what you posted was pretty clearly something that we don't allow. The reason you presumed why we deleted it was actually not even the reason why it was deleted. We don't even allow people who advertise on our website to post promo messages and web links on these Forums.


Please do not presume you know why we do something when you do not know.


I do not know you personally and I do not have anything against you at all. But I really did not appreciate the tone and presumptions of your last posts -- especially after I specifically asked you to email me if you had an issue you wanted to take up, rather than post here. Us deleting a post certainly did not deserve what you gave back and I would hope that if you took a step back you might see that.


It is still very rare that we edit/delete stuff. But if we do, the bottom line is that it is our call. And other than posting our Guidelines - which are fairly clear I think - I really do not think that we owe individual explanations to anyone.


We do not ask much of people who use our website and Forums.... but living with that is one of them.


So if you feel that us deleting one of your posts on these Forums (one that was clearly not allowed in our guidelines), along with us deleting the follow up remarks that you threw our way is so totally outrageous, then I'm afraid there's not much I can do about it.


Please, don't take this issue any further here as there's really only one way that will end up and I really do not want to go there. If we could simply move on, I would be happy.


Thank you very much.

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Well my trip is pretty much set now.


December 20 fly to Tokyo for a couple of days, sending the ski gear ahead to the resort via courier.


Dec 23 travel from Tokyo to the Hotel up the top of Yokoteyama at Shiga Kogen, I figured being early in the season, head high to 2350 mtrs, plus its an awsome Bakery / Hotel


Staying up top for Four days including my families first ever WHITE CHRISTMAS. The kind folk at the hotel are preparing a nice dinner for us.


December 27 heading back to Nagano and picking up the hire mini bus (4WD) and off to Myoko for five nights staying at the Alp hotel. All orrganised by the Lovely and helpful Amy.


We get to spend New Years at Myoko


Jan 1 New Years Day, heading back to Shiga Kogen stopping at the snow monkeys on the way. We are staying at the Okushiga-Kougen Hotel at the exact opposite end of the resort to Yokoteyama. Mind you Shiga is so big this is actually a good way to take advantage of it.


Jan 6 we head home


This is my sixth trip to Japan, looking forward to adding some new territory and experiences to the many fantastic ones to date.

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Just booked our trip for 2012. Niseko feb 6th to 16th. First time for my two sons who are looking forward to some real powder boarding after a taste this year in Hakuba.Time for me to start getting fit to try and keep up.

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Live the dream Pete


It's only money.


My new job sucks there has to be a better way if I didn't have a family I would be their.


A small burger joint would do well.



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Originally Posted By: seemore
My new job sucks there has to be a better way if I didn't have a family I would be their.

That is not good seemore :(
I know if we did not have the kids to worry about we would probably sell up and move to a snow shack somewhere - or maybe multiple biggrin
But it is what it is.
And for now we have to get excited about those few weeks a year we get to live the dream.
Fingers crossed when we retire we are still fit enough to carve it up, and can really tick the kids off spending all the inheritance on snow gear and partying biggrin
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