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"What is he thinking" competition

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Originally Posted By: FatherFred
Is that the name of the movie?!

No! lol
The movie is called Meet the Fockers - a comedy.

The grandfather is teaching bub sign language and playing classical music etc etc to craft the clever and advanced child..but he has yet to speak. Eagerly awaiting the childs first words ...
Unfortunately intended son in law meets the family and teaches the boy some naughty words - his first being the long drawn out and very cute Assssssss hooooooole.

My boys repeat it often.
Especially when we are out and about in Christmas traffic in WA with idiots cutting in and cutting off....Asssss hoooooole!
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BP...the temptation is too great isn't it? A tiny child, a receptive mind .... and that scene from the movie...


I know I had to slap eldest son a while back for teaching his cousin (whose parents are HIGHLY religious) exactly the same!


Ahhh the temptation

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