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  1. At the top of Dynamic today I saw something that looks like an abandoned lift terminal, which would be somewhere to the right Dynamic on the Niseko map if it was on the map (which it isn't). Was the lift part of Niseko Weiss? Can anybody share some history on the area? Also are the cat-skiing trips that are advertised for the Weiss area any good?
  2. Hey Guys! Just wanted to share some recent photos from our recent romps around Niseko and Rusutsu. It's been dumping non-stop, as most of you probably know, and the snow is just incredible...
  3. My skiing experience is limited to 4/6 intensive weeks each year over a period of three years including two weeks at Niseko in the past season and I consider myself to be at the upper level of an intermediate skier. Although approach 60 yrs of age I am fit from years of racing and training on roadbikes. I would like to get an introduction to off piste skiing. Do suitable guided tours opperate out of Niseko for an introduction into back country skiing. I was thinking of purchsing alpine touring skes for use back in Aus, I currently use Rossignol Bandits s80's. Are either of these suitable on an
  4. So yesterday I was riding at Higashiyama and I experienced a **mini** slide in the wooded area to the right of Miso Shiru, near the bottom half of the run by the old gondola. Scared me right good, but I really need to stress that it was a small, mini avvy in one of the rollovers in that area, which should probably just be avoided to begin with due to obstacles and the fact that the whole thing is kind of a terrain trap. So this is what happened... (and I'm not proud of it but it's worth sharing!) Imagine Miso Shiru, the slope to skiier's right of the Mori-no chair. To the skiier's right of M
  5. Hi guys looking to sort out my Hokkaido leg of my trip. If you had 6 days to split between Hokkaido and Rusutsu would 3 days in each be the best split, was in Niseko last year but am yet to understand the variety and scale of Rusutsu. As always thanks.
  6. Good way to wake up in the morning, and it's still coming down! http://www.snowjapanforums.com/index.php/gallery/album/75-niseko-hirafu-new-snow-nov-15/ Winter is here!
  7. Hiya First time to Japan this winter. I am going to be visiting someone who lives in Hakodate, or thereabouts. She is not into skiing but I want to get to see Niseko for 3-4 days while I'm there. I can see it all on a map of course but wanting some first hand reports on the best way to get from one to the other without a car........ local train? How long does that usually take? Thanks! Love the new forums site, it looks amazing. Really transformed!
  8. Hey I was in Niseko a few seasons back and we are considering going to Japan again. I think we want to check out Niseko again but also some other place(s). Looks like Rusutsu can be done from Niseko, but Furano is further right? Using public transportation, what sort of time are we looking at taken from Niseko to Furano? Anyone give me an idea? Cheers
  9. Hello all! I'm about 3 seconds from booking my trip to Niseko (staying on the Moiwa side) and was wondering if there are any bars/restaurants, etc on that side. Everything I've read over my lunch hour's worth of searching is all about Hirafu, which I'll make it over to a few times, but it's not really my scene. But I don't want to have *no* place to go for a pint either! Planning on hunkering down in Niseko for 2 weeks, Feb 10-26, 2012 Any help would be appreciated!!
  10. That time of year again , if you fill out form before Sept you can get 30% off , Sept is 15%. You don't need to buy, but just gives the opportunity for a discount. Form here: http://www.niseko.ne.jp/11hayawari/application_en.html
  11. Hey Fine to meet you guys. Greg in Chicago here. Two of us have been eyeing Japan up the last few weeks and think we make make the move. We have a month and thinking of a three week trip over there. Would love to check out Tokyo and from what I gather Niseko and Hakuba seem to be the main two places. Or is that just most popular places? Thinking of doing 7-10 days in Hakuba and then wondering about the practicalities of getting up to Niseko. I can see maps and stuff, that's fine, just wondering for first hand experiences of people on here who might have done that trip. Real
  12. It looks like we might be considering going to Niseko or even somewhere else over New Year. Either that, or just after. Wondering what Niseko is like over the few days of New Year? Fun? Anything special? Or just too crowded? Anyone who has been there over New Years, what you reckon? Cheers.
  13. After having to pull the pin on skiing Niseko in March this year have locked in and booked Niseko for Jan 2012 with the family in tow. Hope it lives up to the hype in the threads which have been an invaluable source of information in helping us make our decision around accommodation etc. Roll on January
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