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  1. The Simpsons facing cancellation after actors' pay dispute The Simpsons, the cult US cartoon series, is facing the axe after the actors who work on the show refused to accept a major pay cut. They get paid megabucks, greedy greedy. Loved about the first 10 seasons but very downhill of late.
  2. Thanks for that. A bit of a journey. Actually with so much to do in one rather large area in Nagano, that seems to be a good idea. I've got to be honest not really mad keen on the idea of upping sticks for a day long journey.
  3. Hey Fine to meet you guys. Greg in Chicago here. Two of us have been eyeing Japan up the last few weeks and think we make make the move. We have a month and thinking of a three week trip over there. Would love to check out Tokyo and from what I gather Niseko and Hakuba seem to be the main two places. Or is that just most popular places? Thinking of doing 7-10 days in Hakuba and then wondering about the practicalities of getting up to Niseko. I can see maps and stuff, that's fine, just wondering for first hand experiences of people on here who might have done that trip. Real
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