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  1. It's my birthday next week. Do I get an automatic cake?
  2. It's a pretty close vote so far. I know who would win.
  3. Got a bit to go yet I'd think. Rainy season gets me down as well.
  4. I spent 6 months in Bali about 10 years ago. Love it and definitely one of my faves as well.
  5. Not movies but I'm working my way through the X-Files seasons at the moment. I'm on season 3 now. Really prefer ongoing the mythology/alien stories to the monster of the week.
  6. Thanks (re: the few proper answers). Why do you say Iwate, soubriquet? You know both areas well? The 2 options will be actually be about 15km from Tazawako and in Iwate not too far from Morioka to the east. I'm leaning towards the inaka option even if it looks like there may be less skijo around there. I have had enough of cities.
  7. What you reckon, in terms of ski-jo and snow? I have the chance to spend a month in one of the two this winter and thinking it through.
  8. I wanted to be thursday, but you had taken that. So I had to use my real name.
  9. I wanted to have a handle called thursday but it was taken.
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