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  1. Pretty hot up here as well really. Obviously not like you poor folk down on Honshu have it.
  2. Bit of a shocked the Spain football team knocked out of the group isn't it?
  3. This is what you get for only deciding on where the Olympics will be held a few months before they start!
  4. Today I think I'll make a youtube clip of myself drumming to SMAP's Gambarimasho. Crazy dude!
  5. Intesting on the MS stuff: Microsoft’s Surface heads-up to PC partners was at most a three day warning, OEM insiders claim, with Windows head Steven Sinofsky outlining sketchy details in a series of short calls last Friday. The Windows RT and Windows 8 tablets came as almost a complete surprise to hardware partners in the US and Taiwan, Reuters‘ sources at the firms have insisted, with Sinofsky’s calls failing to confirm either then name or the specifications of the slates. However, at least one high-profile PC manufacturer has suggested that Microsoft’s plans for the Surface brand are sho
  6. I imagine lots of people coming in from overseas will see it all differently than those in Tokyo, say. They are already in an airport and just connecting to somewhere else is perhaps even less hassle than changing to a station.
  7. I should add, it wasn't his real name.
  8. I had a mate at school called Gobbo. He had a very big mouth.
  9. Some take it even further and put the indicators on when they have nearly finished their move. "This is where I have arrived".
  10. I guess looking much further on a map has a lot to do with the perception as well.
  11. I have a modern take on that. It's really cool. Even more than MMM!
  12. You'd think with so much cash being paid to go up at least they'd kit the people out adequatly. Sheesh.
  13. I hadn't had ramen for about 2 months. Had a great big bowl of steaming negi-miso (extra hot) and jumbo gyoza last night.
  14. No correct answer yet. We need the name of a ski resort.
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