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  1. But looks like she is playing some kind of sport. > Peak finished. All gets better from now.
  2. I'm just hoping pie-eater's domes can be implemented sooner than later. I'd jolly well feel safer (as the man himself might say).
  3. Must be. No 'builders from hell' style stories then?
  4. An autumn brew by Kirin. Very popular amongst SJ folk!
  5. All you need to know is that it's awesome.
  6. Well, Manic Mondays. Prince wrote that. Can't see it as one of the Prince resorts though.
  7. They seem to do well and get a lot of people to go. Convenience is big for some people and price wise it's hard to beat as well. If that's your kind of thing, of course. Would not go myself, oh no.
  8. Kiroro: 5 Niseko Annupuri: 5 Niseko Grand Hirafu: 6 (+) Niseko Hanazono: 5 Niseko Moiwa: 3 (-) Niseko Village: 5 Rusutsu: 6
  9. Sopranos. One season 3 now. See the lead dude died yesterday.
  10. I like this time of year. Autumn beats it, but it's comfortable.
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