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  1. !!! All good photos. For me the 2nd and 3rd photo capture what skiing/boarding is all about, being outside in nature far away from cars and big cities.
  2. Sounds awesome! I really need to get back to Japan... Looking forward to see some good photos from you during the winter
  3. If I only had a month in Japan I would stay in one place to really get to know the good spots so I would be able to enjoy new snow as much as possible when it comes. Maybe i weekend in Tokyo in the beginning or end.
  4. Me and a friend did a similar trip last season, we ended up i Hakuba in the japanese alps. Can really recommend it!
  5. 14-ML-15578-ML- This topic has been moved to the Trip Reports section of the Forums.
  6. Our wonderful season in Hakuba has now come to an end (have been back in Sweden for three weeksnow). Finally I have had time to go through the photos from March and upload some of them. March was really good for us and we had alot of fun. I think we toured about 20 of 25-26 ski days. Anyways, here are the photos: Thats it! Hopefully we'll be back next year for some great skiing and good photo opportunitys.
  7. Thanks for the advice fattwins, we skied down to the waterfall 2 days in a row. Good snow! But you talked something about a cabin? We have climbed to 2361 before and haven't seen any house.
  8. Ok, then I say stick with them. Skied slush with my Katanas today. Worked like a charm.
  9. But I still have to be able to ski A 300 is a pretty big lens, nothing I would want to have hang loose outside the packpack, in lenscase or not =) K2 Photoglacier is a better photo backpack but I broke mine
  10. Thank you! I have thought about getting a 300/4IS or a 400/5.6, but I don't now. I really dont have any room left in the backpack. Dakine Sequence is simply too small With 3 lenses, 1 flash, 1 wireless flash trigger. And with all the normal BC stuff the backpack is totally full Originally Posted By: Nothing Out Of Bounds Sensational, Contender. Great pics are a combo of skiing talent and eye for composition. Anyone who has lugged a proper camera kit into the BC knows that its a bloody hard job and often thankless. Your pics truly showcase the Hakuba that most only he
  11. Nice meeting you too. This weekend was a truly great ski weekend. I've told Yoko to call your wife.
  12. Atleast 90% of those pictures are taken with a Canon 20D. A few is taken with a 40D and I think one is taken with a P&S Canon. Lenses used are a Sigma 70-200 and Sigma 10-20 for the jump pictures.
  13. Originally Posted By: SerreChe Sweet pics. How does it compare to europe for you contender? I like the superman crosses creek pic. There is probably more easier access to sick terrain in europe, like chamonix. But Europe is too crowded with people that wants to ski pow. We have done 3 months in Whistler, Canada too and I feel like I get to ski alot more powder here in Hakuba. The great thing with Whistler is all the avicontrol and all the really sick inbound terrain.
  14. Originally Posted By: Fattwins This one is a nice one off of the south facing Avie Gates. This is a place Id like to know where it was shot? I dont remember exactly where it is shot, its from january. But I know its down to 47, either straight down below the cable or just after the cable and maybe halfway down.
  15. Originally Posted By: janus77 Did I see you guys at the top of the ski out from the north face off Happo after the creek crossing? the first 2 dudes have pontoons, then there was a blonde chick and another guy with long hair on a pair of Volkls? Probably, we skied a north face with two guys and a girl from norway some days ago. Both guys had pontoons.
  16. Thought I'd share some of the pictures we have taken during the first two months of our three month visit to Hakuba and Happo. Enjoy! One month left and hopefully we will have some more nice skiing here in Happo!
  17. Originally Posted By: SerreChe Found this old thread on SJ where among other things we talk about Marco, and relish the sick pics! http://www.snowjapanforums.com/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showflat/Number/83627/fpart/6 Really impressive hit list for a guy that young
  18. Originally Posted By: SerreChe I did not realize he actually straight-lined it at the beginning with a parachute before wiping out as he lost an edge on ice. He is another one of these guys tempting faith. If he keeps on going the odds will catch up to him eventually unless he is very lucky. It will be another one of those "he died doing what he loved"... Other have tried to snowboard down everest and have never made it (RIP). Has it been done yet? Marco Siffredi has done it. He successfully snowboarded the Norton couloir (the same couloir that took the life of swedish extreme skier t
  19. I thank my helmet that I only got a small concussion when I fell in the backcountry some days ago and tomahawked for ~100 meters. I will always use a helmet after that and I have to say that I am more afraid of falling when skiing on a hard groomed slope than skiing out of bounds.
  20. Yepp, VR/IS is the way to go. Look at Canon, they have IS on 18-55, 17-85 and 17-55/2.8.
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