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  1. but then again if the terrain is mostly like that in the photo above then i would give the helmet a miss, any little twigs i can just knock back with my arm whilst trees i do the best to avoid
  2. Originally Posted By: AK 77 Originally Posted By: tsondaboy Originally Posted By: dwh Or are Japanese trees not worth worrying about ? Would you ride this without a helmet? Yes. But that is beside the point. This has discussed in previous threads many times... have a search and get everyone's experiences (hint - nobody is going to tell you to ride without a helmet!) of helmets / which helmets fit and work best. More to the point... you say you want a helmet due to 'the amount of off piste in Japan'... well, there is off piste everywhere (heaps more in USA
  3. Heading to Japan for a bit of snowboarding in a couple of weeks and wondering about wearing a helmet... Have never really used one but thinking with the amount of off piste in Japan it may be something worthwhile? Or are Japanese trees not worth worrying about ? Interested in hearing your thoughts, thanks
  4. Hi, Flying from Niseko to Tokyo most of the flights go into Tokyo Haneda airport rather than Tokyo Narita airport (70minutes bus apart) however some do fly to Narita. Cheapest tickets are if you have a Qantas ticket from Australia to Japan in which case it costs $AU114 to fly and the best way to book is by calling JAL. Alternatively Japanese airline Air Do fly between Haneda and Chitose (Sapporo) very regularly for around $AU200. I have no idea about this airline but I will be flying it in a few weeks! Hope that helps.
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