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  1. haha I can't do that either. The rakuten site is excellent! Shame I can't understand it I should've stuck with the Japanese lessons when I was a kid.
  2. Thanks for your help but I unfortunately don't speak Japanese so yahoo.co.jp is impossible navigate.
  3. I heard there was a few shops in Tokyo selling last seasons gear and seriously discounted rates. Any ideas about where these shops are located?
  4. I got a flight with Skymark Air. They're so cheap! If you need to call them I'd suggest calling in the evening otherwise you might be left on hold for a very long time.
  5. Hi I'm thinking about booking tickets with Skymark Air. Has anyone flown with them from Sapporo to Tokyo? Thanks
  6. So you used this service? Who did you go with and how much? It all sounds too good to be true!
  7. Hi uvfleur, The courrier thing from Niseko to Narita sounds like a good idea. Tell us if you find a company that will do it for around 1500 yen. I will probably do the same thing. Thanks
  8. Hi Has anyone flown from Sapporo to Tokyo with Skymark Air? I will have my snowboarding gear with me and I can't find any info on baggage limits. Got any ideas? Thanks
  9. Thanks seanbird. Do you have any links or names of companies? Should I book it before I arrive in Japan?
  10. Hey, First timer to Japan (can't you tell!). What's the cheapest way to get from Niseko to Tokyo? And how do I book it? I've spent weeks searching through websites but I still have no idea what to do. Cheers
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