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  1. I have been listening to the new jazz album cheek to cheek by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga. It is really good although I am not a jazz fan I am really getting into it especially with Gaga singing together as well as solo on the album. For any jazz fans out there you should give it a listen and see what you think.
  2. Any of the shirakaba range of resorts in the Chino area of Nagano. They are all small but close together and all offer a different experience. You can find links to those resorts on the resorts pages on SJ.
  3. Good choice When I were young I used go have bikes out in any weather including snow, but if I had a bike now I too would not be using it during winter.
  4. After yesterdays rain and cloud it is a nice,bright sunny morning, but with quite a bit of cloud hanging around. A chilly start but not cold and probably will reach the low 20's again.
  5. I think the bigger the phone the more likely it is to bend, and more likely to be user error than equipment failure.
  6. Age doesn't bother me, it is something we all have to put up with. At the moment I do not feel there is anything I can't do that I could when I were in my twenties. Probably can't lift quite as much weight, but that is about it. Whether that changes in a few years or so I don't know. So far no grey hairs and no aches and pain, but I guess they will come, especially to my foot that I badly damaged when I was around 24.
  7. Was a lovely day here sunny, warm got to 22 actually and stayed sunny all day. Rain for tomorrow and the next day though.
  8. Everything I say is misleading to you, lol. I am sure people are not so stupid that they do not understand what I am saying even if it may not be to your liking. If it is confusing I am sure people are capable of asking me what I mean. While it is good to make sure things are accurate or clear most people can anyway read between the lines if something is not quite as clear and work out without too much trouble what I mean. But your point has been noted and I will try to make things more clear so that people will find it less confusing.
  9. An iphone is not considered a smartphone, everyone associates them as something different. If you go to a phone shop and you want a smartphone and ask for a smartphone, they will not offer you an iphone as a choice. Although technically they are the same thing but with a different operating system people think of them as different. I wonder you must have no life, I offer some hopefully helpful advise for some people who 'may not' know and all you worry about is the difference or lack of between phones with two different operating systems. Everyone understands the difference in the
  10. I would like the Suzuki haiyabusa now that would be nice on the mountain roada.
  11. As for battery life with both the iphones and smart phones the screen is the biggest battery eater, followed by the internet and then auto syncing. Most phones at factory setting have the phone screen brightness set on auto or around the 50-70% brightness setting. The auto brightness really eats the batteru because it often sets the screen brighter than needed. Better to disable that and instead set it for manual brightness and set your brightness for around 30-40% brightness for indoor or cloudy weather. You only need it set brighter in high light conditions or full sunshine. This wil
  12. You can grow stuff in winter? By the end of october here things are starting to get frozen, by end of November everything is frozen solid. I sowed my last seeds back in mid - late August, things like brocolli, cauliflower, daikon, hakusai, etc to finish harvesting by around mid november.
  13. I get 2 days from my Sony, with moderate usage, one full day with high usage.
  14. Sunny but some clouds hanging around, another cold start, but feels nice in the sunshine. A really nice autumn day and with the kluyo nicely on its way looks great.
  15. Again pie you obviously do not read things properly. If you look back at my old post you will see that nothing has been edited out and my comment about them maybe ending up in a draw is still there. Not my fault if you can't read or can not be arsed to read through this thread.
  16. Never edited out or said I would not stuff them in a cupboard or draw, I am saying that my daughter is using it so I am happy for her to make use of it rather than it goes to waste, not that it is any business of yours what I do with them.
  17. It is not the case of giving them back and would be an insult to them. They bought them for us to use as we wish if we wish, they did not buy them for us to give them back that is for sure. As for donating them, that is a good idea and something my wife and I said, although at the moment our daughter is making use of the larger one so it will most probably become hers if she wants it or simply a family one. The smaller one maybe my wife will use it for her work, she said.
  18. WTF should they have bought one for my daughter? Since when has your English been so perfect that you can complain about mine? If you don't like my English then best not to read it simple. Bloody cheek of people these days.
  19. A cold, but lovely sunny start today, with increasing cloud. Dropped down to 4.7oC here last night. Might get up to around 20 or close to today. A warm up to normal temps on its way for next week as the typhoon approaches.
  20. Basically I have been doing work for them for just over ten years both proofreading and adding/correcting data to EU company websites that they control and use for exhibitions, etc. My wife is also involved with them, so they bought both of us one really for all the work we have done for them and new busines we have helped bring in. It was totally out of the blue, a very nice gesture of course even though I don't really like ipads or the IOS that is in them. I guess I should appreciate those gifts more than I do, but I can't change how I feel about them.
  21. Hahaha! You do proof reading? Please tell me it's not in English?! I don't think I've ever seen a single post from you that doesn't have at least a good chunk of it that is incomprehensible. Again, I question whether you actually know the difference between Android, which is software, and iPad, which is hardware. Trying to make the argument that Android is better than iPad is like saying that binary code is better than a computer. It just doesn't make any sense at all. Haha, most of the time I use my smartphone to type with on here and do not really care to much about my Engl
  22. I have an i pad air 128GB and i pad mini128 GB, which no I did not waste my hard earned on, thankfully. Due to a contract I have with a company I do proofreading for I have them for business, they bought them. Had them a week now, and had a good long play with them, what a pile of crap, how anyone can prefer them to android I dont know. They are slow for a start, messy to use not customisable and pretty limited as to what you can do with them. I already got pissed off using them and cant see me using them except for surfing the net as the air has a 10 inch screen so good for th
  23. Hottest ever recorded in the middle of the gobi, maybe but not the rest of the world. Just open your eyes read reports from people living in different countries around the world and you will see that August was far far from the hottest, rather quite the opposite for many places, Japan included. And so far September in Japan has been way colder than it should be too. Frost in Hokkaido, frost in Parts of Nagano two days ago, frost here in parts of Yamanashi, probably frost here where I am tonight, people wearing winter coats using heaters in September in Japan. Even for highland areas like he
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