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  1. Meeeeee toooooo, but at the moment not looking good.
  2. Not looking like good autumn colours this year for this area. We have some trees that were in full autumn colours a couple of weeks ago now shedding leaves, some trees have simply gone brown and are starting to look bare others are kind of a darkish greeny brown and not colourful looking at all. The mountains are starting to colour, although the top areas are already brown. Will see how the koyo goes this year but at the moment looks like it will be patchy rather than full on colours.
  3. Cloudy and cold start, although temps are not so low, it feels much colder than it actully is.
  4. Until the next group come along behind them to start again. It is never ending.
  5. World peace, if only. It is in human nature to fight and destroy ourselves, which is a shame. I can't ever see us havng world peace, ever we are too far gone for that, and just way to divided. It is a shame, but a reality that will only become more the norm as the years pass on.
  6. Yes it is, they do look cool but it is the jama factor that would put me off as much as anything.
  7. Just came across the following vid, in case anyone is looking for a rather fast car....Mad crash at the end!
  8. Yeah, take your pick. Not sure I would want any of them strapped to my arm though, kind of jama, I would think, and reckon I would end up just catching or bashing it against everything.
  9. A rather cold start again, temps again down into single digits, although actually that is pretty much every night anyway, and unlike yesterday feels like it will not warm up much. Was nice and sunny first thing, but a lot of cloud now and mostly blotting out the sun.
  10. Yeah that does look rather cool actually, and does looks like a great way to keep your skiing form and body up to scratch during the off season. Not long now, Just over 2 months and I hope to be getting my first slide of the new season on its way!
  11. Here are some alternatives, which you could try: There are actually many out there that have been around for a while, Apple are several years too slow to get their apple smart watch out it would seem.
  12. There are a few bigish, but by no means large shops in Kofu, that have a good selection of bikes, but compared to the UK there just does not seem to be so many big bike shops in Japan, or is it just my area maybe?
  13. My skis that I am using must be at least 4- 5 years old now, but they are not ready for replacing just yet! Stocks same as the skis. Gloves maybe 2-3 years old. Boots and helmet were new last year, but I have still kept my old boots which are now about 8 years old, they still function, but I don't use them anymore. I don't see the need to replace something that functions well and is still safe, but as my boots were 7 years old and the lining was starting to get a bit thin, decided it would be better to change them, as they were probably getting to the point where sooner rather than later s
  14. Lol, nothing to do with farming, during the winter months I do a lot of freelance work, where I need to correspond with more than one person about the same thing, so CC is handy.
  15. Feck, is Sapporo still warm enough for shorts and T-shirts, been trousers and long sleeved shirts and some days pullovers or coats, since back in late August here, although the past couple of days have been just about warm enough for tee shirt during the middle of the day with all this sun we have been getting.
  16. Just reply to the sender. For some people, work related were we share a common server then we CC each other so we all know what each other are talking about, but then that is work related, for personal emails I almost never cc!
  17. Was just watching the recruit, a spy movie, I quite liked it. Worth a watch for any of you into spy movies.
  18. Yeah some of that ash has drifted as far as Kofu, but so far we are ok here at the moment. Kofu being that little bit further south than us is a bit more in line with that volcano, but if the wind change who knows.
  19. A few friends and I used to occasionally play cards and just use matchsticks instead of money, it was fun, but recently I dont play cards at all, apart from babanuki or snap or something like that with my daughter now and again.
  20. Yeah I see those photos of the buildings covered in ash looks more like a mid winter snow schene. Crazy around that area, glad I am not there, feel for those trapped and caught out in it.
  21. Was quite chilly last night, but a nice sunny start and looks like being another nice day.
  22. Whoa, that is not good. Maybe Fuji will be next although hopefully not. Volcanoes exploding all over the world at the moment.
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