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  1. Plenty of those said solar panels around Yamanashi and parts of Nagano. Doubt they got to produce much electric though with so few sunny days that we had. The panels we have on our house roof only produced about half the power or less on many days this summer. It is good to have them, but and there is a big but, they forget to mention the fact that they have chopped down many forests to make space for them, which I think is not a good idea and they look ugly if they are put up where you can see them, which in quite a few case they can be.
  2. If you can wait another couple of weeks or so you would have more chance of more being open but even then it will be patchy. Early season is always hit and miss.
  3. The oldeur models were then with my model they stopped making diesels for 3 years but then this year they brought out a new diesel engine for the same model. There are several diesels available now for the big 4WD cars but none for your average car.
  4. Yeah Japan sadly lacks in diesel cars, although most manufacturers have the odd diesel car now. The new Delica is diesel now and the Pajero diesel has been out for ages, but certainly a lack of choice for cars in general.
  5. Yeah Japan sadly lacks in diesel cars, although most manufacturers have the odd diesel car now. The new Delica is diesel now and the Pajero diesel has been out for ages, butcertainly a lack of choice for cars in general.
  6. I was surprised to see so many of these pick ups when I was in Bangkok, nearly everyone seems to have them. A nice big 4WD pick up is a handy motor to have, but sadly hardly any available in Japan unless you go for a grey import.
  7. According to tradition typhoon number 18 does a lot of damage, so my wife tells me, and today is typhoon 18.
  8. Just been out and it is also again very cold for the time of year, just 11oC and not likely to rise much from that today. Got the heater on today again. They have a horse jumping and dressage competition this weekend, which my daughter entered yesterday. She wants to compete again in this weather, must be mad, but then she is totally mad about horses and horse riding. Already been out to watch her teacher compete in dressage so looks like my daughter will compete lunch time in jumping.
  9. Typhoon has arrived, its pissing it down and set to get much worse by tomorrow morning.
  10. Fecking freezing cold here all day after a comfortable start to the day, it just suddenly turned cold. Heater required in the car today and maybe small heater needed in the house too.
  11. I will be having cheese and pickled beetroot sandwiches for my lunch, my mouth is watering already.
  12. Oh yes thx almost forgot about that, must prepare my safety helmet in case a tree falls on my head inside my house even though there are no trees around my house. Got to be prepared for the worst. Ok everyone safety helmets on the ready.
  13. Mostly cloudy this morning with a cool stiff breeze. You can tell the typhoon is on its way with the wind gusting quite strong at times. Going to be a wild one tomorrow if what they say is correct. Better get some candles and torches and a supply of food ready for tomorrow evening onwards just in case. Especially if like mine your house is all electric. They were saying the winds are strong enough to blow down trees and electricity poles.
  14. At present non of those apply to me, but I guess as I am now 15530 days old I guess it will not be long before some may start to apply to me.
  15. Well its either Ebola or the iraq war. Otherwise they got nothing to report on and nothing to scare peoples hard earned into their slippery pockets.
  16. Not yet, but making a nice mess on the way to winning.
  17. SameBright but a lot of cloud around, some really black clouds too.
  18. a2k as you are in Sugamihara means your near the Chuo express way, which is of course a long way from Kanetsu unless you use the ken endo or what ever it is called to join to kanetsu so Yuzawa area is a bit of a no go. Better for you would be Madarao, Nozawa,Shiga Kogen or Myoko which are all easy reachable in about 3 hrs by car from where you are. Trains are a no go will take too long as no shink on the chuo train line. You could take the Azusa from Osuki to Matsumoto and change there although I have no idea which line after that as I rarely use trains. If you dont want to drive so
  19. Yes I saw that, pretty scary stuff for those who were up there.
  20. Was still shorts and t shirt weather in Kofu yesterday when I were there.
  21. Sunny/cloudy and quite cold start, and may or may not rain later.
  22. Yeah it is only going up about 400m above the peak I think they said and mostly falling within a 4kl radius. That may have changed now though of coarse.
  23. No worries Their wedding was on 27th sep in Venice, Italy. If you go to people com you can even see their pics. Before anyone ask NO I dont read the people mag or website, it is where yahoo news got their news from.
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