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  1. If it is 5 days, the advantage of Yuzawa fades away a bit more - and opens you up for Hakkers, Nozzlers, Shiga Kogen, Yamagata Zao and all those others.
  2. As terrible as the movie and scene was, I remember seeing 007 do some impromptu snowboarding in A View To A Kill and really wanted a go. Then I saw some real snowboarding and just wanted to do it. And did.
  3. I had to go home to visit family right in the middle of the season and that along with the not great news put a huge dampener on it for me. I managed just 4 days out.
  4. I choose 'freedom' as well. Take my tray and go where I feel like it. Now if only towns did proper season tickets......
  5. Myoko is a good area Creek Boy, I really like it. Never been to this Seki place though. Never even heard of it until I read this.
  6. I'll be out on my tea tray in less than a week. Keep it coming!
  7. I love playing in the parks with the kickers and pipes.
  8. 5 of the 100 resorts sounds like a better idea to me, though sounds like you might want to catch the Sapporo festival.
  9. That was good timing.. just in time for me to choose my handle.
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