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  1. last night- lamb or shirmp egg rolls, avocado/spinach/tofu/almond salad, pinto rice, ice-cream, then red wine for desert.
  2. this thread just totally freaked me out. I guess I was lucky with mine. (knock on wood for the next ones.)
  3. I had two of mine removed last year, here in Japan, I'm in my 30's. My dentist novicaned me up, pushed my tooth out, packed it with gauze, charged me 3000 yen (insurance paid more), and I never experienced any pain or troubles. I was quite shocked at how much it wasn't actually troublesome. I have to have my two lowers removed too, as they are hard to keep clean. I'm not sweating it at all.
  4. "twist and shout" chubby checker. I fricking hate that song. passionately.
  5. I was playing some Oakenfold from Oslo Norway several years ago in my mom's jeep. It was a trancy cd, but quite mellow and not very housy or bassy or hip-hoppy. She compared him to a modern maestro the way he integrated sounds together into a compilation. I quite liked that analogy. Many techno-heads who are much more into electronic music than myself may not be a huge Oakenfold fan, but he is in the guiness book of world records for being the world's most successful DJ. whatever that means. Nonetheless, I dig it. I think he also did the music for the Matrix. (but I'm quoting someone els
  6. as stated by a famed aussie running a hostel in hakuba (not fattwins, though I'd bet they know each other. Nor do I think this aussie is on this board, maybe I'm clueless.) "Poaching, getting caught, losing your pass, buying another, and repeating that process ten times a day is still cheaper than heliskiing." It seems the banning thing is new this year. Maybe patrol did that in the past as well. but, my take on it two years ago was that many tourists were/are given the above advice. Sorry your BC access is getting threatened FT.
  7. Ewok is a girl!!! (finally have that one figured out.) Hey, thanks for the shots Jane. Good to see people sledding with their kids.
  8. if you ride better than them, they may be too intimidated to say anything at all. Not that I would know anything about that, though. Just guessing. It sure as hell doesn't stop the patrol in the states. Then again, they all rip and are avy-savvy. [tgr finger/]gremlin[tgr finger.]
  9. shut up AK. Perhaps you should have argued a bit more before bashing your face in?
  10. poached egg with a runny yoke, served on rice. mmmm.... daily breakfast. I only poach safe lines. And, I never run from patrol. Then again, they never see me.
  11. I wasn't even talking about the gaijin card. I don't often see many people poach dangerous avi lines at zao. There just aren't that many. But when I do see them hop the ridge and drop into one specific area of gullies and steep walls, they never cut their entrance. They just duck the rope, and hurry up as not to get caught by patrol. They really have no idea how to safely enter lines like that. They think it's the same as going under the chair. Not looking to argue with anyone, just stating common behavior I witness in the avy-naive when they're poaching lines. and, that's what I m
  12. Not as much as you... it only took me one post. I stated I didn't know in an (albeit poor) attempt to adhere to goals of establishing a livlihood independent of boarders. I (temporarily) reside in Yamagata.
  13. Originally Posted By: SerreChe Rutschblock. It is great to see responsible people able to say no to an inviting line when the conditions are not right. That is one of the hardest things to do. And, even harder?--- is dropping into a line you cut, that didn't rip. I fricking hate when it's supposed to rip but doesn't. I'm sorry, but this thread is kinda textbook. "Flick-off the patrollers, they're gay... yet I know nothing about snow myself... What do you mean 'cut'?--- you mean the rope?" (The point of this post is that I've never seen a poacher cut his line.) Just sayin
  14. both... or, neither. I don't know... (Sorry, but I don't view my residence as permanent... so, I don't understand the question. But I only answered to iterate my answer anyway, so don't mind me.)
  15. Originally Posted By: Fattwins Ive heard that some people were even told never to return to the resort as they skied an open face that couldve slide onto the whole resorts beginer area. I know FT is schooled enough to understand how flawed this mentality is, but I'll just reiterate it. How can they ban a skier for putting beginners at risk because the resort is too lazy to control that avi hazard themselves? If there is any risk to beginner areas, it should be controlled, regardless of whatever dimwit dropped into that line and "threatened" the beginners. Surely that sno
  16. Here is a batch of shots of today's entrances into some stashes that are finally doable. Firstly, two shots of new terrain. I thought I knew this place. I'm calling it Gateway to Paradise. Katsu Curry. (you can actually smell it as you traverse your way into here.)
  17. if the moon can move oceans, it can move blood. If it can move blood, it can move you.
  18. Originally Posted By: Go Native Being a passionate proponnent of sceptical and incredulous thought I am the enemy of all those who believe in the supernatural and so called pseudo-sciences. So I will happily battle anyone who believe in ghosts, god(s), psychics, horoscopes, numerology, etc, anytime, anywhere. I think it is the duty of all of us who have any shred of rational, sceptical thought to battle the ingnorance, naivety and stupidity that constantly surrounds us. Originally Posted By: Bushpig Hang on! Then was I talking to a ghost in Hakuba over new years?? You guys shou
  19. Originally Posted By: muikabochi Having said that, tsondaboy is beating me. With that leather whip of his?
  20. Ironically, I read something on CNN talking about how Monday the 21st of January was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year for people... based on various statistics such as; holiday debt, weather, etc. I don't remember all the variables, but it was fairly well organized. I only note this because my Monday did in fact suck. So did my wife's- but we wrote it off as both being capricorns and being forced to experience our first monday out of our lunar cycle. (December 22- January 19th) I feel much better now that it's friday and tree season has arrived.
  21. Ummm.... I'm in the middle of Yamagata's worst blizzard in two years. not saying a whole lot, but at least I'll be waist deep in the trees tomorrow. My tree season is finally here. (And, that's saying a lot for Zao. We need like 2 meters of base just to be doable.)
  22. I have a couple. A- Although she never cheated on him, I took his girl. he threw a rock through my window. I challenged him to a fight. I realized he was bigger than me. I backed down. He was man enough not to kick my ass. But I still hate him for throwing a rock through my window. It would be tense meeting him again. (His girl was lame, too.) B- He used to brag about being the most hated man in Yamagata. He was my roommate. I guess he's not technically my enemy, being as I never did anything to him. But I fricking hate that guy with a very strong definition of hate. Years down the
  23. yeah, it wasn't instilling a smile in my reading eyes, either. Found it interesting though. I do notice a you-owe-me thing in my generation back in the states, though.
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