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  1. I am a big fan of a few thinner layers. I normally wear a Polyprop thermal (these are pretty cheap), then a long sleeve T-Shirt made of breathable material (like a cycling shirt), then a heavy Merino layer (320G for me, but that will be different for some).....if it is really really cold I add another merino layer.....then a goretex type shell jacket (not necessarily goretex, but a three layer laminate jacket, these last waaaay longer than DWR treated jackets, they are just material with a waterproof treatment sprayed on.) Hope the jacket speak wasn't too techo. Edit: I recommend a
  2. If I was to go for a week, which would be better, Nozawa, Shiga Kogen or Myoko? Whats the off piste policy like at each?
  3. I would like to have a car when in these areas, is it too far to drive from Osaka to them?? Would it be better to catch a train to somewhere closer and hire a car from there??? Also thoughts on where to stay and ski in those areas would be good.
  4. We skied May last year! http://www.kerky.com/anon/Guthega2.wmv (40 meg download!)
  5. Originally Posted By: Nothing Out Of Bounds To those who try to get pics like these from their pocket cameras, understand that its just not possible (though you will end up with more and probably enjoy your skiing more- its a trade off). Contender - for even greater impact, get down to Tokyo, pick up a 300mm f4 (the only long lens I think possible to carry into the BC if you still want to ski hard) and see the difference that extra 100mm can make. The Alps will suddenly look alp-like. If your up to it, go even bigger. Or just get a 2x converter, the F2.8 70-200 Sigma will handle it well.
  6. It was an awesome 2 and a bit weeks, late Jan early Feb. Here is just a few of the fun times we had over there in Hakuba.. Special thanks to all the guys we met from here on th SJ Party night and all of the other crew we met in the time we were there! Just like to mention a few who made the trip memorable for the stories and henral hospitality, I guess not all members here but here goes: Timmyhugecans TJ Fattwins Charles and James from Evergreen (Damn that wine was good Charles!) Momo Chans resturant The dude from kikyo ya The Tsugaike ski patrol The people o
  7. Quote: Austrian skier Matthias Lanzinger's lower leg amputated after crash OSLO, Norway — Austrian skier Matthias Lanzinger's lower left leg was amputated Tuesday because of complications from two broken bones in a crash at a World Cup race. Lanzinger broke his shin and fibula Sunday during a super-G. The double fracture severely damaged blood vessels, hampering circulation in the 27-year-old skier's leg. The Austrian ski federation said the surgery Monday night was only partly successful and left doctors no other option in an effort to avoid further risks. "The circulation could
  8. Saw the ambulances coming in around 4 this afternoon at Tsugaike. Dont know any more than that.
  9. RAW is fine if you are not shooting in burst mode. I like to take my 40 jpegs at 5fps to fill up my buffer. If you use raw you will only get about 10 on ur buffer!
  10. Thanks JA, a top site! Where is the Westin? Is it in a good spot for a touring base.
  11. We want to stay in Osaka for a night after landing at 8pm and then catch a train to Hakuba. Where would be the most convenient spot to find a Hotel?? We are also planning some touring around Osaka for a couple of days, what are some "must see" things there? Where would be a good spot to base ourselves? Thanks for any suggestions!
  12. Another vote for Mountain Hardware, I use a Phantom 15 (-9 Deg C) and have slept quite a few -5 nights as warm as toast....I haven't had to zip up with the hood on properly yet! AND only 880g!!
  13. The train does not seem to take that long. I think it would be better than the bus and I will have a night in Osaka to sample some Okonomyaki
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