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  1. Quote: A wave is special and rare, I consider it a blessing be in the position to even catch one. When boogers do what you described above it is, in my life, the same as being at the airport arrivals lounge waiting for my dearly loved pretty wife whom I have not seen in months. Just as she appears from behind the sliding frosted glass customs door I break into a huge smile, my heart lifts, I step in her direction for the embrace.... and then some gutslider runs up and shoves his hand up her skirt. And he had to elbow 6 of his mate to the ground to get in first. That's when you pull out the
  2. Whoever has shares in Christchurch Hospital is laughing! In other news, several insurance companies will be hurting.
  3. Chocolate pants and a white/brown/black jacket for me. Want to find some cool coloured mits and a new funky beanie as well.... Rocking the blue goggles as well, so maybe a chocolate beanie too... mmmmm chocolate..... Board: black/white/grey.... bindings: white/black boots: dark dark brown (black)
  4. I think I can explain something here - The reason some bodyboarders have trouble understanding and acknowledging the 'snake' concept is because they are able to just turn and catch a wave with as much as a flippety flip. Meanwhile, Surfers have to sit and wait in position, spot a wave coming and paddle hard over a certain distance in order to ensure a smooth and successful take-off (well, at MOST breaks, anyway). This contrast in take-off/wave-catching styles creates confusion.... But on the other hand, some surfers and bodyboarders fully understand what 'snaking' is but don't
  5. GO WEST AUSSIES! I love this country (in particular the western side) but I tend to agree with a lot of spuds points nonetheless. Still, I was born here and i'll die here - Living in Australia has helped form my attitude and perspective toward life and people. It has let me appreciate the surf and yearn for snow. It's great. Sick photo of 'in front of a carparks' BP....wish I had been on it that day! Haven't been down to margs for aaaaages but have been fortunate enough to get over to Rotto a few times to surf breaks named after birds and guns (more crypticisms!), which have be
  6. I just can't drink VB anymore after I heard that it was actually an acronym for vaginal backwash... EB all the way (Emu Bitter)!
  7. My forecast for europe this winter is good beer and hot girls! ...that should tide you over til the first dump of the season!
  8. Quote: Japan can't make beer, Australia can't, America can but the popular beers are fake beers, Canada can make ok beer, England certainly can but like America they choose junk imported factory lager over Ale, France can't make beer for shit, Italy really struggles but they do better than the French, Portugal makes a perfect replica of Australian beer. The list is long. Mexico should be banned from making beer Some of those had me laughing out loud....in particular - mexico, france and portugal Corona, Kronenbourg and Cintra - 3 of the best. Ha! Spud sounds like you're from the
  9. zebra i was in a similar situation to you last year and i tried out niseko... not meaning to sound patronising here but it really isn't a bad place and I think it's probably a good introductory mountain to visit if it's your first time riding in the country. I think another early season start is on the cards so there should be plenty of white stuff on the ground mid-december (by my reckoning!) Good luck mate
  10. C'mon guys there are far worse beers than Fosters.... I don't mind it. Reminds me of wood-chopping competitions. But I agree they could do better. If I could leave boards anywhere in the world i'd choose Biarritz, Oahu, Hamilton (NZ), Sydney, LA, Sao Paulo, J-bay, Maldives, Bali and Perth (That's 10 boards). Factoring in shipping, if I can Save up ~$10K, i'm set! Subzero- I too noticed that Hawaiin surfers on the WCT are referred to as 'Hawaiian' instead of American. I think that is a reflection on American society and culture - ie Hawaiians don't want to be associated with
  11. haha poofter is such a great piece of Aussie coloquialism...I love it. Spud - Yeh sure there are an abundance of well spaced tree runs which are easily accesible from the lifts in Niseko. BUT, if you're not on it early, chances are they'll be more tracked than a repeat-offending paedophile. That said, if you venture a little further you can still find fresh stuff. As you know.
  12. Quote: I have about 12-15 boards scattered around the world. Indosnm - That's a great idea....sometimes when you're on the road I suppose it's just easier to leave the board behind (with someone safe who isn't gonna break it!) than carry it along with you as excess baggage. Then you get to enjoy the beauty of having a board awaiting you when you decide to return to one of your favourite surfing destinations! Gold
  13. Good advice mantas and indomsn... Confidence is a fragile thing, as i've found. If you have mates pushing you harder I think it comes a lot easier than if you're on your own. In that regard, i'm looking forward to my trip to Hakuba this winter with a group of mates. last time in Japan I was alone and often riding alone. This probably stunted my progression a little...also I probably wouldn't have browned my undies when I got lost in a whiteout after hiking the hirafu peak on my own had I had friends lost with me!
  14. Or maybe I misread, it could've been 9968 posts. Shocking eyesight...
  15. haha yeh I noticed that too...FT was up to 9998 the last time i checked. Must be close now. But watch out mate, I am hot on your tail with my grand tally of 55 posts!
  16. What's the obsession with steep terrain (for boarders anyway)? Don't get me wrong, I like a nice, steep challenging mountain, but.... Does the terrain really have to be super steep every day, everywhere you go in order to have fun and not 'get bored'? No. Use some innovation people. Practice riding switch. Look for little hits, natural jumps, rollers, even natural jibs and rails...pick a ridiculously hard line through some obstacles. Practice riding really fast. Practice riding really fast switch. I rode Niseko Hirafu/Annapuri for 4 weeks straight last season. I must've done e
  17. mantas, It's stories like that which make me think twice before taking off at double-overhead tombstones or solid north point down south... You are a hard man....I was still in nappies in 1988. I have a deeply rooted fear of big waves which i'm working on overcoming. I think it's a confidence thing. I've surfed some solid, heavy waves in my time...but that is probably one of the reasons I am liking the snow as much as the surf at the moment - I feel i can charge harder and there will be less chance of death (this may not be right, but it's how I feel).
  18. Ah, the burning question: snow or surf. Spud, I enjoyed reading what you had to say on the matter, even though it took me a few hours! Well it seems, thus far there is only a handful of boarder/surfers. As you've probably guessed by my nickname ('snosurf'), I am both a surfer and a snowboarder. But the nickname works on 2 levels - the second is a little more cryptic. Think.... 'there's no surf' -> 's no surf -> snosurf Anyway, moving on to my 2 cents on the matter. I am still young but have many years experience surfing. I've done a season in the snow and a handful of
  19. stress: the silent killer. I lost weight during my only 1 month stint in Japan... Despite drinking a sh*tload of beer, I burnt it all of riding all day and spending extra time in the onsen (Not sure this helped much, but it allowed me to drink more beer)
  20. haha yeh not bad. It kind of sounds as though they got bert and ernie to do the voice-overs....
  21. I'd value it anywhere between 5000-8000 Yen. That seems reasonable. I like it, dragons are cool.
  22. Yes definitely, strokerace is perfect for that section of POP - gnarly big-mountain free-riding made to look simpleand relaxing by some very talented riders! Agreed - RJD2s songs on POP are great, I particularly like 1976....in fact I just put it on my most recent mixtape. Absinthe's 2005/2006 release 'Futureproof' also has a great soundtrack. Not as good as pop, but the track which features in the hokkaido section has really grown on me...
  23. Is there lift attendants working, and if the rice wants to get off, would the lift attendant say 'Have a rice day?'
  24. Especially when you point the nose from the top of the course, don't put an edge in the whole way and STILL stop on the flat section well before the slowest of beginners....
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