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  1. I guess I'm one of those few people here that doesn't wear a helmet regularly. The only time I wear a helmet is when I go through the trees in the backcountry, which is rare for me. The only reason I bought one is cuz I got a gash from a tree branch one day and that pretty much convinced me to buy one specifically for that type of riding. If safety is a concern though, I recommend getting one. I have a Giro s4, the cheapest one they make I think and its not bad, but people head's have different contours and circumferences....I recommend you go to shop and try some on to find your size.
  2. i've been through many bindings.....burton, agency, ride, drake, forum, and flux. I would recommend this....though its quite pricey and hard to find....Nidecker Act-1....it goes for about $360 USD. My bindings cost more than any board i've ever bought, but hey, I have never lost a screw, broken a ratchet, etc. Its built pretty solid and its light. But if money is an issue, burton missions or drake czars are good...and they have replacement parts that are easy to find.
  3. I heard the news today too. Pretty sad. He was one of the biggest reasons why I started riding a motorcycle.
  4. Originally Posted By: samurai did people on a ski/snowboard forum just say Whistler is in America? Jesus. I'm not even going to correct you. skidaisuki, 108 to the US dollar isn't low? How long have you been in Japan? Obviously longer than myself... because 108 is a 3.8 year record. Last month I got roughly a 120 exchange with Lloyds. This month I got roughly a 110. I haven't seen rates this low in over 3 years. It shot from 116 to 121 in one day when Kim Jung Il launched his fizissles. haha, yeah. Technically, Whistler is in America...I know people out there believe saying "Am
  5. Well, it was just my opinion on board size....but true, different strokes for different folks....I have a friend 6'0" tall, weighs over 170, and he rides a 152....but you can't go wrong with this... ...demo the board before you buy it... I don't know how it is in Japan, but in tahoe, just about every board company comes by in the beginning of the season for demo sessions, from big old Burton to the smaller companies like Stepchild....I don't see how Japan could be any different. I would check with resort websites to find out when certain board manufacturers come to your resort.
  6. IMO, for your height and weight I would go as far as 160 to 163 for a deep pow board. I ride a 159 in the pow, and I'm 5'8" 154lbs.
  7. I can only stay for a week. Why? Cuz, I am what you call...POOR, haha. I actually won a $1000 voucher from school to travel anywhere in the world, so I chose Japan...hopefully there's snow around that time
  8. I've been snowboarding for 12 years...and I have yet to try skiing but I'm open to it...I'll eventually try it out one day
  9. thats a pretty hefty price, but I've seen prices like that before. Where I used to go prices were fairly cheap: http://www.valsurf.com/tuning.php Full tune up with wax job was about $25 USD, thats roughly 2700 Yen I think. But I agree with Kumapix...its pretty good to do it yourself if you have time. Dakine, AP wax, have the equipment to do it. If you're going to a shop to get a tune-up, go to a reputable place...and only do it once a season...but wax up your board often...I definitely recommend you do this yourself.
  10. Wow, you're from Nevada? What part? Reno? I'm from over here in South Lake Tahoe...but I'm going to school over at UNR.
  11. Thanx for the info.....I also have one more question.....no one seems to know about his one. I want to get a pay per minute cell phone (like virgin or boost mobile...do you guys know what I'm talking about?) while I'm in Japan. Does anyone know where i can get one, specifically in California? Or does anyone know where I can get a pay per minute cell phone in japan (an english speaking store is preferred)?
  12. Wussup guys, i'm new to the boards. Just wanted to know if anyone knows the weight limit or size restrictions for board bags and luggage. I'm flying United airlines from San Francisco, California. I really don't want to pay extra $$$ to I can bring my board...if thats the case....are there places to rent pretty good boards (like demo boards) in Tokyo or Niigata? Also, if I ride the bullet train to Niigata, do I have to buy the ticket ahead of time, or is it like the subway where I can buy the ticket the same day. Can I also bring my gear on the train? I would appreciate any help. th
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