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  1. some tiny flies while jogging in the dark, I ate the tequila worm a maggot actually. Actually we were fighting for it, among friends as to who would have it, we cut the worm. then chased it with more tequila and salt. crazy times takes me back.
  2. go McF*%$&Lovin!! well not movies but Oz tv series Underbelly, a poor man's sopranos but it is good for me, I get a laugh knowing where they shot a scene. (not pun intended.)
  3. got to lv11 505 on my second go as my first try was interrupted by some chores, when Melbourne came up I was ashamed not get a bullseye!! Russian cities, really stumped me!! now have to really know that country, they are spread far and wide.
  4. superbad is a riot not in cinemas near you..american gangster with denzel is worth a look. looking forward to watching 28 weeks later, later this week.
  5. how's your suspension that's a load mate!! the windows look like they're ready to burst.
  6. read this on the paper this morn' http://www.theage.com.au/news/national/miracle-saves-teens-eye/2007/04/19/1176697005264.html dont read if ur squeamish.
  7. replace the toilet roll...among other things..
  8. I like jam donuts the one's with the hot jam, inside the bun. they got any of 'em??
  9. military police now that is a beauty! didn't know that..put on the handcuffs!!
  10. "culture", kyoto, india, culture that's culture. violence is violence, I hate that 'ocker' mentality.
  11. what a storm I just yukikakied the car park driveway and now its back to square one, this is great indulge and enjoy!!
  12. oh man marathon izakaya/bar/pub crawl...last night I can still feel it, and the rockin express train didn't help...bllrgh.. anyone tried that youkan medicinal herb concoction? is it a diuretic?
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