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  1. I won a "best jeanist" comp in a nightclub in Tokyo in 1998. I was popular that night That has brought back lots of memories.
  2. Yes I think you will see a lot of changes up in Niseko. Whether you will like them or not is a big question. Do let us know what your thoughts are once you go back!
  3. Kajagoogoogoogoo! However there was a lot of excellent stuff produced in the 80s. The list is too long to post here.
  4. I am planning on getting up there in late August with a number of friends that will be visiting Japan. I'm really looking forward to it. Got to do it once.
  5. Make good sausages. Japan needs to wake up to good sausages.
  6. Two weeks, starting on Wednesday. I'll be out of Japan and in the UK.
  7. Sausages get a bad rap. They are not all terrible rubbery anti-health tubes.
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