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  1. We are skiing for a few days in Hakuba and want to pass through Shiga K on the way back to Tokyo. Id like to stay in a good Ryokan or Japanese style hotel/B&B and not too worried about cost. Has anyone got a suggestion?
  2. One american urinal company features a fly painted into the enamel of its urinals to give men something to aim at. Perhaps little pictures on politicians could be stuck on new urinals
  3. Never bought a single. Tommy the Rock Musical
  4. Shouda bought an apple . . . . . . . . . Now waiting for the abuse
  5. Cant see the demo window. Is this a one legged squat? Can only do 3 or 4 on each leg. Puts a lot of dangerous strain on the knees I think.
  6. Originally Posted By: Bushpig fjef, I don't want to get drawn into a long debate about this. .........., just that your perception of how non-christians are judged as bad people is not correct. If the people you know are like that, then that sucks. But that is not representative of christianity. I agree, if being good was a pre-requisite for Gods acceptance then half the people in the bible are doomed. Especially Abraham, Samson and David. But the christian church is based on the tenet that it is God's forgiveness not our actions that is the deciding factor. One comforting factor is that
  7. Is it possible to be a 'good' person who rejects Christ and be allowed into Heaven? I don't think so.... Nope, exclusiveness is a big sticking point for many. I havnt resolved that one. Not with "good" people who reject Christ. The others? Well it does say quite clearly that they will be judged by their own standards. Dunno if that helps. I dont really think we want a discussion on theology do we? The main point of this discussion is who believes or not. I have faith in a God who is 'personal' and not a nebulous being. I rebel at the thought that there is no 'design' in the univers
  8. Im incensed that the Japanese govt had the gall to ask Australia to use it's navy to protect their whaling vessels from Greenpeace and other activist groups. I hope the response from the foreign minister reflected the strong emotions that whaling has raised in Oz, ie Bu%#er off!
  9. "I recommend anyone with religious beliefs to spend 'equal time' participating in other religions - or for parents - at least give your kids the opportunity to experience different religions and let them figure things out for themselves." My 13yr old daughter is currently searching for the truth and has not accepted the "christian" line on faith. Im not suprised, she has a sharp enquiring mind and has never accepted anything as true simply because "we say it is so". Fortunately she is not rejecting faith for a dark or emotional reason. It is simply that she has thought
  10. Its' nice to read a thread about religion that has some balanced arguments and opinions and not the usual mud slinging that one usually get with inflamatory subjects like this. I agree people who dont "have religion" are often good and do good things. I dont think that the bible denies that, it is about our relationship with the supreme being that is in question.
  11. I go to church. I even lead the service occasionally. I went through the, 'what is the meaning of life' bit in my late teens and early twenties. Did comparative religion 101 (self directed) Tried a couple of faiths but they didnt really explain either the lack of 'something' in life or the human condition so I gave them the flick. I looked at christianity and actually read what Christ said about man and it made sense, so did the thread of price and payment that runs through the bible from beginning to end. So on a purely intellectual level I was satisfied. On the spiritual level I was sti
  12. I mean Little Britain. Ive only watched 10mins of The Office I hate Ricky Gervais. I dont know why, but he p@##s me off to the max. Even the little part he had in Night in/at the Museum made me nauseous. Strange cos I like pretty much anything the UK has to offer from Ths Goons to the The League of Gentlemen.
  13. They are clever but I agree it is painful to watch. It embodies all the attitudes and behaviour that is most horrid in Britain at the moment.
  14. I agree about screwtops being better than corks. But I cant see how banning and replacing them will help a carefully managed industry, its' just going to put hundreds or portugese out of work. Thats a pretty broad statement Tsondaboy, all the wines I tried in France last year were cheap and none dissapointed. Mind you my palate might not be as refined as some. Lastly, most people dont like champers cos its' too dry. Try the italian stuff. A really good spumante cant be beaten(not the plebbie plonk though.
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