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  1. I did read the now report this morning, but it doesn't tell me the conditions at 1pm Fossil Thanks for that contender, for their sakes I hope it has been, just wasn't sure how often the SJ snowcams updated. Some are showing as broken links for me, so could only see 1 of the Hak 47 cams
  2. ok a bunch of aussie friends are in hakuba right now and are sending me sms's (phone text messages) saying that it's snowing hard this afternoon in goryu 47... Is that true or are they just teasing me cause I'm the only one in the group who wasn't able to go??
  3. Hey there, just a note for John Deere's group.... it's grown considerably, though I haven't confirmed if everyone will be at the SJ party the group is now JD + 8 though quite possibly 10/11 Just in case it stuffs up your catering!
  4. Thanks longboardsk8man and everyone, yet again I've been told by a few people at work that checking through from Sapporo straight through to Sydney on JAL shouldn't be a problem, but I will call before i leave here and check in Sapporo etc. My flight times are Syd-Osaka 9.5hrs Tokyo-Syd 10 hours Both are direct flights, no stop overs.
  5. Our flight from Sapporo is domestic and we'll be transferring to Narita for the flight to Sydney, so will travelling from haneda to narita take us anywhere near Tokyo metro area or around it or nowhere near it? Thanks for the info so far, I have asked others who have been there and live there and they say it's possible or at least not impossible as some here have suggested. We won't be able to overnight or spend a few days, tickets are already booked and paid for, that will have to wait until the next trip when I ski somewhere on Honshu
  6. I can't access it from my work PC and my home laptop doesn't have enough grunt to run it. Tried, but it puts itself into safe mode when i try to run it. Google maps is in Japanese and the searches I've done have brought up parks in the middle of tokyo
  7. Hi everyone, My sister and I have roughly an 8-10 hours between flights in Tokyo on our return to Australia, so were thinking of checking our luggage through to Sydney from Sapporo, then checking out some of tokyo. Obviously we'll need to allow for checkin at Narita etc, so perhaps realistically there's half that time, so 4-5 hours for looking around. Where can i see a map of where the airports are in relation to each other? I'm visual, so reading words doesn't really help, I need to see a picture
  8. Quote: Originally posted by Indosnm: But the main question is WHY do so many aussies come to Japan for snow? I haven't skiied in Japan, but my +1 and his mates are in Niseko at the moment. The benefits for Aussies to head to Japan rather than Europe or north America are the time difference, and flight times as well as the awesome snow quality and quantity AND it's during our summer, so means we can extend the amout we do ski once our season (which is crap by comparison) finishes. Personally, I prefer to experience the culture of the place i am visiting, rather than a mini australia i
  9. Brad's not a pro yet, but he certainly could be with his talent. Nice pics Beav, sorry to hear about SM and K though The rest of you look after yourselves
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