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  1. Got to admit, I'm real fussy when it comes to snow conditions. I go out a lot in season but I'm less keen to spend my hard-earned when conditions aren't much cop. I might go once or twice more, but most of my action is up now I think.
  2. I was in Niigata yesterday (Ishiuchi near Yuzawa - pics in another thread), and I'm still trying to work out why the snow conditions weren't particularly good. I'm not well up on how these things work, so if someone can help out. There had been snow the previous day, and it was a very cold evening and morning. Then it was a beautiful morning. I thought it was going to be pow heaven. But it was nothing like that - it was pretty hard conditions out there all day, even in the afternoon when it had warmed up. I was really disappointed. What factors were making it like that? T
  3. I had a great day today. I saw the promise of excellent weather and took the day off work. Drove up to Ishiuchi Maruyama just to the north of Yuzawa. Really good place, pretty big. The snow really wasn't as good as I thought it was going to be and was quite Krusty and icy in places - but still decent and of course the weather was just excellent. I took my camera again and 'got' a hefty 40 plus photos of Ishiuchi for my photo gallery: http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/photo.php?userid=snowboardingsam I'll post a review and journal sometime soon.
  4. Are most of the lifts at resorts made by the same company? I see lots of Nippon Cable on lots of them, just wondering if they are pretty standard or lots of different ones out there.
  5. I try to avoid them if at all possible. Some of them are painfully slow. Went on one at Iwappara and nearly fell asleep. They have 2 quads though so I quickly learnt to avoid that one!
  6. It was. Just written a journal about it. Lots of deep snow on the sides of almost all the courses, lots of fun.
  7. I think Gala is the quickest for me - about an hour on the shink then 10 minutes on the gondola to the snow. Not been yet though.
  8. Iwappara today seemed to have ridiculously loud blasting distorted music in some places, and silence in others. Guess which I preferred.
  9. Just 2 so far. Kandatsu and Iwappara today. Hoping to get to quite a few though this season.
  10. Hi I just came back from a weekend in Yuzawa and after the snow of yesterday spent today at Iwappara, really great it was. It was really bootiful up there and had the camera so took quite a lot of snaps, thought I'd share. http://www.snowjapan.com/e/insider/photo.php?userid=snowboardingsam I'll get some journals written as well soon. Cheers!
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