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  1. PS3 is everywhere now in the shops, but difficult to find a Wii still. I like the mj mii there
  2. I am going there as well at the end of February. The ticket price works out at less than 60% of what I have to pay in total. Crazy.
  3. I bought a helmet recently and I really like wearing it. Safe but warm as well
  4. Aha have actually done some decent stuff you know. After their first teenybop phase they came up with some moody sounding pop - I had an album of theirs they did about 5 years ago and it was surprisingly good. Minor Earth or something it was called. One of those bands that just gets saddled with an image early on that they just can't shake off...
  5. Anyone watch? Any good? On CNN they were going on about how you can download the ADS (!) to your ipod. Each one costing 2.5 million for 30 seconds or something crazy like that...
  6. Geek hair? Funny though he used to have really floppy long hair didn't he?
  7. Nice page - sent it to a group of friends that will be getting a lot of hits I can tell ya!
  8. The few times I've been over there, I've spent most of my time over at 47
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