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  1. Heard the new New Order one don't know where the dance label thing is coming from sounds pretty guitary to me. Sounded pretty average at best.
  2. Those battery life lengths are shooting up recently aren't they. 3G was only realistically about 6 hours,right?
  3. Very cool. Love those dogs, what is this breed called in Japanese?
  4. This is more than likely way too late to post now, but, anyone up to Naeba tomorrow? Myself and a few friends will be there just wondering if anyone else might be going from here. Just hoping the crowds aren't too bad.
  5. Only 4! You're doing well there.
  6. When I first came here I got hassled on the trains by a few people seemingly wanting to practice their eikaiwa for free which didn't seem like a good idea to me. So since then I have a very visible set of 'phones on. Not only can I listen to some cool chunes, but it also acts as a "Not Available" sign.
  7. Yes it is quite popular with a certain group. I went once on a Saturday and it was no fun at all, it's not the widest of places anyway that main run down so tons of beginners trying to get down (in vain) was a real pain. Weekdays on a good snow day and it was excellent. muikabochi you up there in Muikamach right, any good connections up there for any freebies
  8. My M fund is recommended. And a bit low at the moment. If you mail me, I'll tell you my bank number and you can contribute.
  9. How are the crowds (or lack of them) there this season at weekends? I kinda like it a few times a year
  10. Sugadaira. There are probably worse and of course many smaller places that you just wouldn't go to - but this is the one place that Ive been to that bored me the most.
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