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  1. 3. Scraper - plastic or metal for skiis. whoa, this isn't an OR. plastic is for scraping wax, metal is for scraping excess p-tex (or base material) p.s. toque, a well tuned ski is a joy to ride and requires less work (you know kind of the same reason you wax your skins...)
  2. ebc, they don't carry any downhill stuff. it's a hiking shoe/boot shop. their focus is mountain footwear not skiing.
  3. I went to Sakaiya shoe shop. They usually have the largest selection of Touring boots and decided to go with the Garmont Adrenalin. I went to all the other shops that i know sell AT gear and a few others but they had nothing much or if they did they didn't have my size. i have to admit that there seems to be more touring gear in the shops then last year though. Sakaiya doesn't do serious mods but the places that do that kind of stuff don't (normally) sell AT boots. If I do end up needing more work done, I'll have to go somewhere else but that's what I expected. In any case i won't have a
  4. i tried on some boots today, think I found a winner. first time that i've had a boot that didn't immediately cause pain or have huge amount of movement inside. may not need to have serious work done after they mold the liners.
  5. i know there's supposed to be two shops that offer boot fitting in the Jimbocho-Ochanomizu area but no idea if they'd be any good. as soon as i dig up the names, i'll post-em to see if they ring any bells with anyone.
  6. got my first trip of the season planned. heading to niseko 9-10-11 December to start the season (and have 2 cents to put in that other thread).
  7. whatever touring boot i end up getting will need extensive work done on it, so i'd like to know if anyone has any info on quality/services/rumors/locations/language ability whathaveyou about shops in tokyo. i'm really looking for a shop with experience and guts to do surgery when necessary (but i'll take what i can find) thanks
  8. i can see the chute that prospector's funnels into on the right of that third shot =) whitewater rocks. you're gonna have such a good time there. oyugi kigan, i remember the food being great too.
  9. i'll prob spend most days at tsugaike or happo but not sure if a pass is worth it.
  10. on an unrelated note. i finally got my broadband connected! post videos! post pictures! post archives of crap i don't need!
  11. i'm with FF on this one. major safety hazard and annoying as well.
  12. less work. hah! more money, yes. still, i'm going to use 10 days vacation for skiing this season plus try to get up to the mountains 2 weekends a month. never been to tateyama, how long a trip a you planning?
  13. Tateyama Nov between 10 to 21 depending on snow pretty far for a weekend trip... and it's very unlikely i can take a day off in November. Hakuba high alpine anytime you come. i'll be there for a week but need to book the vacation time in advance. maybe first week of Feb and weekends of course. spring break march touring hakuba i think i'm going to try to work golden week and take time off before and after instead. so this is definitely possible
  14. FF, you keep spraying the same thing about plans. tell me what you got in mind, you spaz.
  15. yip, '06 Line Mo'ships Flite 182cm (127,97,117) picture's on the first page before this thread got completely derailed.
  16. picked 'em up gitmobasetramp, they only had a 162cm in smaller size but i saw a pair of 06 Scratch BCs 172cm for 29 500 and 06 big trouble 176cm for 32 000. The overall flex of the mo'ships, scratches and BTs are very similar but pattern is a bit different. for ref. the pistols are a lot softer when hand flexing. didn't have time to scope around much this time but things are in full winter swing now.
  17. Zao * Kusatsu * Hakkoda * Goryu/47 Happo One * Iwatake Tsugaike * two little places in Fukushima * Kagura/Mitsumata * and Mt. Fuji * (ok, not a winter resort but any place with a gift shop should qualify) * backcountry
  18. just go to FF's and check his skis. should have the same flex, even though these ones're shorter they have a stiffer carbon construction. if i can i'll try to compare 'em to the scratch since that should be an easy reference to find in the store
  19. I think they had a shorter one but i'm not a 100%. they had three identical pairs of 182s which struck me. the shorter ones may have been different model year.
  20. current skis 179 Seth Pistols ~4230g updated choices: '06 186cm-95mm Rossi Scratch BC 45 000 (base durability, weight) '06 186cm-92mm Dyn. Big Trouble 43 000 (odd flex pattern) '06 186cm-90mm Head Mojo 90 43 000 (sweet, bit heavy, tad narrow) '06 188cm-98mm Head Apache Chief 98mm 44 000 heavy! '06 182cm-97mm Line Mothership Flite 32 000 (same as Karhu Jak BC 180, light 3670g, fat and bit stiffer than SPs) '05 189cm-95mm K2 Seth Pistol 44 000 ~4500g i'm sure these are a blast though '05 18?cm-??mm Armada Arv 28 000 (don't know en
  21. spud, i'm far from foaming at the mouth. you'll notice the comment includes me as well and really who doesn't like a clever date?
  22. a similar purpose to Oz. it's apparently a breeding ground for smart ass internet jockeys
  23. you also have to remember that in low lying areas (scotland, oz, eatern canada) the slopes are manicured to perfection in the summer so that the minimal amount will cover everything. in the snowy places they just cut or clear out the biggest stuff so you still need a meter and a half before the debris stops poking out.
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