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  1. what link do I need to click on, I can't seem to find it Thanks!
  2. rental videos have a cost of 16,800yen i believe
  3. BTW te South Park creators are not Canadian: Trey Parker Date of birth: 19 October 1969 Place of Birth: Conifer, Colorado, USA Mini biography: Trey was born in Conifer, Colorado, on October 19, 1969 to Randy (a geologist)...
  4. Quote: Originally posted by Ocean11: I was very surprised to learn recently that Neil Young was Canadian. I could have sworn that he was American. It's a shame really, because Neil Young was quite high on my list of reasons not to hate America... of course he is Canadian! Gives you another reason to love Canada
  5. Hero is on BS2 this month, the 25th at 19:30 Also thers something called Hero, the side story, on the 22 at 0:00
  6. Hero was great, it took me forever to find an English subtitled version though
  7. so whos gonna win the next race? I hope not Schuey, Honda is looking good!
  8. i was lucky to have my license converted to a Japanese one. My friend took the lessons and it cost him 300,0000yen. He didn't have a license in his home country.
  9. my car is called Libero. It's not liberating me thats for sure. But gets me to the mountains fine
  10. the pink is cute, but i'd go for the blue
  11. eating just raw egg is not good....but with sukiyaki you gotta have it! have you ever tried tamago onsen? you put the egg in onsen water and it cooks the outside perfectly but the inside is still raw. or is it the other way around....ususally those places also have 10 or more differnet kinds of salt too, delicious!
  12. i heard about that, what are you guys doing up there? lol
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