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  1. Quote: Originally posted by brit-gob: Do you have anything else there in your cliche bag, quattro? what about mushy peas? that was one i could never quite aquire the taste for.
  2. lessons can be usefull. but it all depends on the teacher you get. some don't have a clue. some are so intent on you looking good, that they forget that you are paying to learn to have fun. if you take some good lessons from some one that actually knows what they are talking about then you can make some very fast progress in a very short period of time. and you will be having a lot more fun. but a lot of the time you will be better off just enjoying your already costly day on the hill. it's up to you. do you want to become good fast and avoid some of the very tedious ruts? or do you just
  3. congradulations! now get out there and enjoy yourself. i think the best lesson i ever had involved one small tip and a full day of solid skiing with an amazing skier that just asked me what i was thinking about while on the lifts. thank you don kjorvn.
  4. Quote: Originally posted by taguchi: How long does the season last in Canada? Comparable to Japan? if you know where to go you can ski all year round. Ray Glacier in K-country has great skiing all summer long. but you have to hike in, and know how to traverse a glacier. as for resorts we have about the same season as japan. but a few areas go into mid/late may. sunshine village keeps the lifts running until may 25th.
  5. i didn't have to buy anything new this year so it was reasonable. but the lift pass was a waste of money. but i have kinda destroyed my G4s and a new ski is possible for next year. the ogasaka E-Turn SX looks sweet but pricey. so next year could be a big spending year.
  6. toque don't forget the off season spent doing highly rewarding jobs such as: tree planter, heli logger, deep sea fisherman, road/rail crew, and the creme de la creme; robot on a fish cannery! if you just get a part time job on the hill working two days a week you can get a season pass. then if you get an evening job you have five days to ski. in canada that is still at least 100 days. plus if you are an "unconventional salesperson" you can even have extra cash and a mediocre life off the hill as well.
  7. it's unfortunate but a reality of the business. considering what he has accomplished, and in the span of time that he was involved in the industry, it is amazing that he lived as long as he did. it is tragic, but i think that his family and friends will say something to the sorts of what so many loved ones say about such victims. and that is "he died doing what he loved." and if you have ever know anyone who has fallen in similar ways you will know that you actually can take comfort in that. stay safe
  8. [/qb] I almost lost a ski in a slide on the weekend in Hakuba Was lucky and it was just sitting on top of the debris. Getting down to it was not very fun. [/QB] i bet not man. skiing debris is never fun. let alone with one ski. good to hear that you are safe though.
  9. looks very austrian. i wonder if they encourage students to sit back against their boots and wiggle their butt as much as possible too? oh yeah, don't forget to throw your arms as high as possible over your head when making pole plants.
  10. if you know where to go in canada the snow is almost as good. i mean, unless you are skiing every day, can you tell the difference between 5meters of snow and 4? as for lift access terrian, canada wins hands down. and if you are willing to hike a bit and know what you are doing i also believe that canada wins hands down. all it takes is one day touring in either the kootneys or the selkirks to know what i mean.
  11. Canada east 9 seasons. Canada west 6 seasons. Switzerland and France 1 season. But Japan for the last 2 seasons, and 1 more at least.
  12. yeah i have always been sceptical about the "fast track to parallel" method that is being taught back home right now. at the same time i also think that a strict stem progression is a little outdated considering it was developed to teach parallel turns on wooden skiis with no edges and zero cambre. so, in my opinion one should asses the individual skier and use a variety of methods. a wedge is still a helpful tool. but that being said, so is a wider parallel stance.
  13. no not in japan. that was in lake louise canada. and the ski was in the whistler area
  14. i think that the key word is "bum". what is a "bum" in north america? (well aside from the place where your poo poo comes out of) it is a derogatory term for a street vagrant. no job, no money. thus i think that the second option is more accurate. and having lived in ski towns for many years, i can attest that there is a BIG difference between the two. (options stated by frannyo. the two options listed be me i feel tend to actually be quite similar. well smell wise at least.)
  15. one ski in a small slide once. i spent an hour or so digging for it but i was long gone. which meant i had to walk out. that sucked more. i have also lost a $150 pair of gloves and a $150 pair of goggles. i foolishly left them lying alone in a change facility once assuming that human beings did not have the potential to be theiving villians. but to my chagrin, i was quickly proven wronge.
  16. hard to tell. i wasn't expecting there to be a season by now, and after spending a month in 40degree weather the thought of going up to the mountain is a little frightening. but i have another week off so i suppose i will re-start the season. plus there is always gassan for the months of june and july.
  17. "Basically you stem out to initiate the turn, transfer your weight onto the outside foot, and close the stem before crossing the fall line. It's a defensive turn and even good parallel skiers use it. " almost got it soubriquet. and you are right it can be a usefull tool. however new teaching ideas are straying away from its use due to modern equipement. teachers are now encouraging a wider parallel stance throughout the turn rather than teaching a stem. if the stem happens it is a syptom of weak balance prior to the steering phase and speed control problems at the completion phase. t
  18. Quote: Originally posted by nicole: Heart was their first album, I'm pretty sure. Haven't listened to Set Yourself on Fire, is it good? yeah really good.
  19. well i suppose i was a little too close. he was feeling a little threatened i suspect. funny, i spent years living in banff informing tourist (much of whom were japanese) on how to responsably and safely view the wildlife. the first time i see a wild animal here i am right in its face.
  20. in canada if you get left behind overnight you will likely die.
  21. "LPL, have you done DMT? Is it more like mescaline than shrooms?" more like ketamine really. the difference between DMT and mushrooms is like the difference between mushrooms and sugar. they are worlds (literally in this case)
  22. i'm not trying to kick at a dead horse but the "out of bounds at arai" thread has raised an issue that has been left unanswered. do resorts in japan have the patrol staff do a final sweep at the end of the day to ensure that no one is left on the mountain? if the answer is no, WHY NOT??????? (i-am-a-patrol, i'm hoping for your expertise here )
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