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  1. Do you have a favorite christmas song? And please tell me why "xmas", not "christmas"?
  2. I like soccer. Is it big tournament?
  3. I don't like Roppongi. I prefer Shibuya or Harajuku area.
  4. I like a little salt on apple. Whats wrong with it? It is first time I hear about sugar on fish!
  5. I'm so happy when it snow! Makes me feel all warm on cold day!
  6. One day I wanna go live in US for some time, and trying to finding out about visa and thing like that. I wonder, is Japan difficult for getting visa to live here for foreigner? What kind of visa do you have? Aiko
  7. I sometimes want to use it, but its just too expensive.
  8. Yummy. If I lived out of Japan, it is one of most miss thing I think
  9. I love Tom Cruise, he's real sexy so looking forward to this one
  10. Hi! I'm Aiko, 22yr Japanese boarder girl. Anyone handsome guys want to go boarding to Nagano or Niigata sometime?
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