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  1. ...do you drink alcohol? A bit? A lot? Enough for a hangover? Difficult to get a balance hey.
  2. OK thanks for that, I appreciate it. I suppose the main Q now is the 2nd one - ie. can I buy an English upgrade and install it over my existing J office software.
  3. 2nd question: I currently have Office 2000 Japanese version on my Japanese PC. Can I upgrade to Office 2003 ENGLISH upgrade version without a problem or do I have to stick to a Japanese version if I am going the upgrade route? Thanks for the help!
  4. amazon.co.jp are selling the english version of the new outlook 2003 software (out later this month). The big question for me - can anyone help? - is. Can I install that on my Japanese PC, with Japanese Windows XP as the OS - and will it work all ok? I want all the menus to be in English (so I can use it and understand it to the full), but lots of my emails and contacts are in Japanese and I work in Japanese a lot - so I want to be able to use Japanese in it all within the English version. Is that no problem? If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it. Cheers
  5. I was in a similar situation as you not that long ago - good to read about your experiences.
  6. I had a great sauna Sat night at this hotel my family were staying at. Everyone else was in the onsen, to hell with that - sauna wins out easy, great it was.
  7. Yes yes yes - those jeans were just the pits weren they. How about the jackets with half rolled up sleeves, too short trousers and white socks too.
  8. OK we had the engagement ring costing 3 months salary crazy thing going on, any other crazy mad bonker 'traditions' here in good ole' Japan. Not a Japan bashing thread, just a fun discussion, hopefully.
  9. Going back to the main point here - do many Japanese still stick with this (ridiculous) tradition?
  10. They can be fun - but thats it, go when you WANT to go.
  11. I used to love watching older movies, like 70s spy flicks - but recently don't and feel they look and feel so naive and dated. It vexes me.
  12. Mainstream = Mariah Carey, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson, top of chart big-selling famous artists Not mainstream = lots of the bands mentioned in this thread!! Maybe?? Just a guess!
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