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  1. This is an old thread but since then many things have changed. My family are going to be moving to the USA probably next April and I suppose it will be baibai to Japan for me too. I hope I can come back though.
  2. I didn't get into it this year at all, I didn't like any of them. I hope they make some changes for next year. Maybe get rid of Abdul (if she doesn't get rid of herself!)
  3. Thank you again for this soubriquet. I used some of the information in a talk I had to do at school.
  4. I saw some really good goals in the Italy and Croatia games last night. What's the best goal in the World Cup so far do you think?
  5. Is there much a resort can do to avoid moguls happening on really steep slopes?
  6. My parents have some friends who can take us in there every so often. I really like it, some really good stuff always look forward to it.
  7. I felt that as well. I think I'm really sensitive to any of these. I feel it goes on and on even once it has actually finished.
  8. That was fun, I hope they have it next year as well. They are repeating it all on Wednesday nights if you didn't catch it first time.
  9. Thanks for the replies (I got a bit lost with the mid-fat discussion, but... ) Interesting, I'd like to hear how you get on.
  10. Hi! I am interested to know why people switch from skiing or boarding to the other and if they stick with it or go back or enjoy both! Do you have experience of switching?
  11. What do your Japanese friends think about it?
  12. Thanks again for the info soubriquet. I didn't really use it for my project, but I did look some more things up and learnt some things from it. Thank you.
  13. Did you paint it on with a brush?
  14. I think him, Kelly & Paris are the next 3 to go.
  15. Thanks soubriquet! I think I have some studying to do!
  16. Amazing photos when I get a bit older I'm hoping to do stuff like that. I hope to see your photos as well eskimobasecamp.
  17. Thank you soubriquet! I think if I put that in my report they would think it was not me I will look at what you wrote and try to understand the ideas.
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