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  1. when you see bears tear your friends limb-from-limb, you will vote for the bears, oh yes, you will vote for the bears.
  2. I hate the freakin' bears, they are my nemesis, my rivals, they have taken out 6 of my friends at Niseko this year alone. And I am getting pretty tired of riding one footed, trying to get away from the bears who have camped out right at the top of the chairlift. * * * Oh how I hate those miserable bears
  3. Bwaaah hah hah hah hah haaaa. . . I'm back, and for goshsakes there are record numbers of bears this year . . . have yah seen 'em ?
  4. hello taliskier. What do you know then?
  5. yep bears. . . far more relevant to skiing and snowboarding than this crap-ola. . . i think you'd appreciate that what i'm saying is true if everytime you hit the backcountry you were chased by a gang of angry grizzlies. and I'm not laying out rules, it's not my place to do so, allz i'm saying is that this is a decent message board as far as message boards go, and if someone wants to cry about eikawa-related mumbo-jumbo, there are plenty of crybaby websites dedicated to such jibber-jabber.
  6. come on, your bitching about japanese people speaking to you ? ? this is a joke right ? this kind of post has no place on a Ski and Snowboard website. Go post this kinda crap on letsjapan.org, or gaijinpot.com or one of the other websites for whiners. I suppose you speak perfect Japanese, and no Japanese people find you irritating when you "insist" on speaking to them. If this really the kind of thing that makes you upset, just pretend you only speak Spanish or German or Sweedish or whatever. You are really not smart enough to figure this kinda thing out on your own ?
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