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  1. Cheapest way is to fly. I have researched ferry and train and both are the similar prices . My advise is just fly.
  2. you will definitely find some snow somewhere but its probably best if you go up the Happo Gondola.Nice view from there also.
  3. Sanno, Just ordered a copy,thanks for the info. You can never know enough!!!! A good friend always said to study Avalanche topics every year before the season starts!!
  4. Call Dave and crew at Evergreen 0261-72-5150 He conducts classes in English but check the website for more details www.evergreen-outdoors.com
  5. Niseko weiss and surrounds are literally flat, forget about it, buy some snowshoes and some BC equipment and hike up Iwaonoppuri and drop off the side, steep and fast.
  6. I agree with you window cleaner I won't. I am just concerned about the locals up there and having a little say in the topic.Yes it was negative and I shouldn't do that!!!
  7. Quote: Originally posted by window-cleaner: Well, if you are going up there any reports are good. I suggest if you feel Niseko is garbage then just don't watch it, don't go, don't waste your energy complaining and do something more positive instead. How about that?
  8. Niseko is starting to look like thredbo all the time, what a load of garbage, that place is trashed
  9. I am with fattwins,Niseko is flat and we just want to voice our opinion, its not just being negative.You guys can have it whilst we rip up our peaks on Honshu, dont bother coming down here the snows too heavy and it doesnt snow as much!!
  10. There is usually no problem until you get to Aomori.From there the trains are infrequent and it will take you atleast 5 hours to get to Niseko.Its a long way on slow local trains in Hokkaido
  11. dont go to niseko its a bottomless pit with no culture go to honshu and get into cardanchi!!
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