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  1. Thanks for the info guys, I am working at a pension/small hotel which is in the village of niseko. japanese run, but they speak a little english. I have been in japan for 4 months so I know the very basics. They offer food, accom and 40,000 yen a month. 3 hours work in the morning and 3 at dinner time. It should be ok as I am not here to make money but to have a really good time in the snow and try and improve my lame ass snowboarding. I arrive on the 1st of dec. So very excitied.
  2. Hey mate, I am going for 4 months. do you think it is worth paying the extra to ski the other two resorts or are they not so good.
  3. Hi, Im heading to niseko next week for the season and my somewhat crappy job doesnt provide a season pass. Does anyone know of any scams or deals that sometimes come up with niseko passes. I am thinking of getting a 3 resort pass which is about 150000 yen. Ouch!!!!!!!! Thanks in advance and I hope you all have a good season.
  4. Yes I am currently living in Hamamatsu, City in between toykoy and Nagoya. On the coast. Its a nice surf spot and there is heaps of wakeboarding also. Anyway I am currently working as an english teacher and just waiting for winter. Thanks for the info. I am now thinking somewhere around Nagano might be a better choice. The above interprtaion of my questions was spot on. How bad is the Aussie crowd at Niseko???
  5. I am planing on getting a job that provides some basic accomodation. I have sent off heaps of CVs to hotels and the like in niseko and have had a bit of luck. But I dont know if I want to go there if it is full of Aussies. As for work I am happy to do anything, such as making beds and helping in Kitchens and cleaning. Thanks for info. I really want to find the right place.
  6. Hello again, I am now turned off Niseko if there are heaps of Aussies there. Where is a good place to do a season if I am interested in challanging terrain consistant powder (i have been unlucky in America and Canada before so dont really want to take a gamble) Nice local people and not a sea of westerners. Partying is not a huge factor but a little night life is always nice. For some reason I have had my mind set on Hokkaido for the powder. Are the other prefectures also decent for powder. My Japanese is low but I am working on it as I have lived here for two m
  7. Thanks for the info guys. I am not to keen on riding with heaps of other Aussies. I really was only thinking of Niseko because of the consistancy of snow. I have had some bad experiences in the past with snow. I have done a season in Canada and America and both where So So. Partying is not so high on my list. The people and the snow would be number one. I am slowly learning some Japanese. What about Rututsu. Any thoughts/
  8. Hi, First time in Japan and was planning on doing a season at Niseko for the winter. But was wondering if this is the best place. Any opinions on where the best place in Japan to work/ride/party would be for a season. Thanks Guys
  9. Thanks. Could you give me Barok's email address or contact details so I get some more info.
  10. Hi, I am heading to Japan around October and would really like to live/work (teach english) somewhere near a ski hill. I dont mind travelling each day to get to the snow. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on the matter. Any info would be great as it is hard to sus it all out from hear in OZ. Also is it a good thing to mention in your interview before you are placed over in Japan that you like to snowboard, or is it looked down apon. Thanks TIM
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