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  1. Originally Posted By: spook hopefully it will be snowing hard and you won't have any need for glasses. I wish... What's the likelihood of it snowing in the second week of April?
  2. What are the chances of getting snow blindness spending an afternoon walking around Hakuba village with or without regular sunglasses? How about at the top of the gondola? The problem is I'll be in Hakuba this April just for half a day, and not skiing or boarding. Basically, I'll just be sightseeing, since I haven't seen snow for 30 years. I normally wear progressive lenses, so to have prescription glacier glasses made up would be pretty expensive just for a one-off trip of 3-4 hours. On the other hand, I don't want to risk snow blindness. If it's a real danger at that altitude, woul
  3. Hi. I'm going to Hakuba with my girlfriend and her daughter around April 9th this year, mainly so the girl can see and touch snow for the first time (we live in Thailand). We're planning to come up from Kyoto and stay at Brownie chatelets for one night. Is there a good chance there will be snow on the ground in the valley in April? From the previous years' reports it looks like there could be at least 30cm. If there isn't any around the chatelet, where would we go - up the gondola? My girlfriend is walking with a cane so we need this to be relatively easy.
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