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  1. I like the way that place actually has some English speaking staff and is making the first steps to try and appeal to us. Got to start somewhere...
  2. Thanks for the input. Money is a bit of an issue, but it might be worth it. Cheers
  3. It seems to me that lessons are really expensive. I'm fairly beginner level but want to get better and don't have many boarding friends, so I'm thinking about taking a few lessons. They just seem soooo expensive and was wondering what other people here thought, (or if there's any cutprice teachers on the Forums willing to help!!!) Thanks S
  4. I'm not good enough to be able to tell, but it sure is fun! First time in Japan next weekend.
  5. Hello. I'm a beginner snowboarder, this is my first season in Japan and I'm stoked about getting out there - hopefully this coming weekend.
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