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  1. Yes I think so. Nice to get out of some heat maybe, but I doubt worth a trip and hassle.
  2. Sorry for putting your thread a bit off-message, snowhuntress.
  3. I have no reason to doubt it. Also, I never said I did.
  4. You're right about friends never ever bullshitting or exaggerating to their friends too, especially about their businesses.
  5. Ah right, yes. You're not talking about the best season ever for the guests visiting; you're talking about the people making money off the people visiting.
  6. Yes. But as well many going back as if there's nowhere else to even consider; it's a starting and ending point! See this thread!
  7. I don't not understand it. I just find it a bit odd. I suppose I've never been one to want to go to the same place all the time. Especially when there's so many other really great places to experience. And especially when I'm spending the best part of a day actually getting there. But hey, people can be as unadventurous as they want desu ne. Dozo!
  8. Tripled in price? A bit of an aside, sorry. I just always find it very odd that so many people seem to want to fly all the way over to Japan and then go to the exact same (overpriced) places over and over and over again. Don't you want to check out some other places at all? (If not, whyever not?!) Just by being here on these Forums, surely you have been exposed to at least the names of many other places. I like Niseko for the snow, I have been a number of times myself, but there's so many more great places out there to sample. And many places that I prefer. You won't k
  9. There are tons of places that have ski in out. I may have missed this but will you be with wheels?
  10. I do the self service thing now. No need for all that wiping etc.
  11. To anyone who has skied at almost any other skijo in Japan - I would agree it is 'too busy'. I don't like the waiting when I get to Niseko, as much as I love the mountain/snow.
  12. Something very much like that. Less people in the earlier time too.
  13. Bet the wiggly road going down from Chuzenjiko gets rather busy on a national holiday. Sakura time in Nikko too?
  14. It may all be relative, but you've got to be seriously stretching things to think that February was incredible. The overwhelmingly general consensus from people there (* the honest ones!) and visiting was that it was poor, certainly below average, in many of the popular regions on the island of Japan.
  15. I suppose the licence thing in a way is a deterrent for lots of people who might stupidly want to try. Doesn't stop the rich dudes though.
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