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  1. Wasn't the master(bate) plan for the Joetsu Shinkansen pushed through by the PM who was from Urasa, hence Urasa eventually getting a shink station? Urasa is 30km from Yuzawa, but I heard that originally Muikamachi was going to perhaps get it (which is just 20km from Yuzawa).
  2. Kijimadaira is actually probably the closest skijo to the station as well.
  3. I thought they would be a bit furhter distance wise actually.
  4. Sorry I might have missed is there a fixed day for it's opening?
  5. You should give it a try! They sure do. muikabochi, I can just imagine the garden you would make you love those things in the trees!
  6. You'll probably find that the main big chunk of income for Yuzawa businesses is winter. Though it's the ski + good onsen mix that is a big attraction for Japanese. Traditionally it has been a very rich town. Don't know how that has changed in the last 10-20 years.
  7. Mmmmmmmm from me too, sounds good.
  8. Hello gatorshoes. I'm curious, and seriously..... how much time did you spend reading up on this on here before you posted that? There are countless threads that are very similar!
  9. I doubt Japanese people refer to it as that. But anyway, see the monkeys near Chuzenjiko too. Naughty monkeys.
  10. Both Honshu and Hokkaido are of course on the Island of Japan, which is great. But seriously, Nozawa/Myoko/Madarao and nearby places are all more 'compact' than places in Hokkaido. Very handy.
  11. As pie-eater might say, it's all jolly confusing.
  12. Test rail run! Hurray. 来年春に開業する北陸新幹線のレール締結式が24日、富山市のJR富山駅で行われた。  これにより、東京―金沢間454キロの線路がつながった。  富山県の石井隆一知事ら関係者が掛け声を合わせ、最後のボルト計58本を締めてレールを固定した。職員が点検した後、「祝」と書かれたプレートと日の丸を掲げた資材運搬用車両が、つながったレールの上を通過し、締結を祝った。  北陸新幹線は1989年に着工し、97年に東京―長野間で営業を開始。来年春は長野―金沢間が新たに開業する。東京―金沢間を約2時間半で結ぶ見通し。  石井知事は「開業により富山と首都圏はお隣になる。北陸信越地方の一層の活性化に取り組みたい」と語った。
  13. Skiing seems to get more and more hard on the legs as the years go by. Never tried boarding so wouldn't not know.
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