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  1. Pity the millions in there every day!
  2. Got that recorded to watch. Had a look on wiki to see what it was about and even that confused me a bit!
  3. Hakkaisan can be a challenge. I think I might agree with muikabocui and the Ryuoo course.
  4. All seems a bit... sad (as in naff) rather than funny.
  5. He's preparing for some Carlsberg Special Brew.
  6. Going to be over in that area next month for a few days. Might climb up that mountain there. I remember some fine photos muika took of the nearby lake as well which looked beautiful.
  7. It's real Love-Hate with you and the Kanetsu isn't it Tubby.
  8. I always think - must be a really difficult sometimes impossible job doing technical support by telephone.
  9. I'd try it. Though the idea is - not good.
  10. Species 2 was quite entertaining in a daft sort of way. Not seen the 3rd one.
  11. Location location location! I'm with you Dumbstick, I'd much prefer somewhere quiet than in a city. As long as it's not TOO far away from civilisation.
  12. That was the first movie i saw on disc with 5.1 sound. Sounded fantastic.
  13. There are 2 more lines going down there, were they narrow courses too?
  14. I got an email the other day telling me that snow conditions are 'guaranteed' in January and February, which was good to hear. (And I have no idea how I was on that mailing list. I hope their 'unsubscribe' works, the slimeballs).
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