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  1. I was also in Beijing over the weekend and watched some events. The wheelchair events were not what impressed me. I imagine that it is easier to push a wheelchair over the marathon than to run it. The times produced by the wheelchair athletics are actually faster than those of their normal olympic counterparts in the middle distance events I watched. What really humbled me was how a one-handed swimmer could swim the 50m a lot faster than my best time ever when I was swimming competitively in my younger days.
  2. Please do not insult me. In the future I would appreciate being referred to as Smelly Fart.
  3. Tsondaboy, when you met me you were all high on coke and you were still rocking to the beat of those drums of your hifi in your car even though you had already parked your car hours before....so how can you remember me? I remember Ewok2 posted some pics of me skiing with sunrise. Go have a look and see this old man on skis.
  4. That debt was recovered years ago so it's a bit late to celebrate now. But as today is the first day of my retirement, let's do celebrate with some beers.
  5. Actually, that is the standard rate. But they are not purchasing my invoice so there is no upfront payment amd they don't have to bear any risks.
  6. I'm with Thursday on this one. I used the services of a collection agency once. They were very efficient. They only charged me 25% of any sum recovered and I got back the whole sum (less the 25% to the agency). It took me less than two weeks from the time I hired them and the A-hole had owed me the money for several years. I don't know how they work in Japan and what their rates are but it worked for me in HK.
  7. My last post was just to show that though I have not been posting much in recent months, I have still been tuning in. Unfortunately, I have not been able to make fun of Fattwins' English, which is my favourite pastime, since he hasn't been posting much. So I had to jump on you. Sorry Thursday, but Osama is a terrorist. The democratic candidate is Obama!
  8. Osama has a great deal of experience in terrorism and is the undisputed most successful terrorist of all time. But what has this got to do with him? I thought we were discussing U.S. presidential candidates.
  9. Set up anything on or after Aug 11 and I'm in.
  10. Don't listen to Fattwins. I used to try out different J-resorts every year. Then in 2004, Fattwins convinced me to go to Hakuba. Ever since then, I've been going to Hakuba every year (sometimes more than once in the same year). It has totally spoilt my plans for trying out as many J-resorts as possible and I still blame him for that.
  11. Wow, looks like it was a big one. First China, then Japan. Hope this is not the beginning of some trend in Asia.
  12. Originally Posted By: tsondaboy Lucky bastard... The guy who got it is a friend of mine. I've PMed his contact to you. You can get it off him at a good price.
  13. For the last few years, I have used the Dengi-Rengi to cook my "hard-boiled" eggs. The results have been very consistent and it is very convenient.
  14. Hey, Thursday, you didn't attempt to answer what was asked at all! I think I'll do the same: If you're going to Niseko and you want to try other slopes, you should think of Rusutsu and Kiroro instead of Furano. If you want to go to Furano then you should consider Tomamu and Sahoro which are nearby instead of Niseko. If you like to spend long hours in a vehicle, then sure, by all means, go to Niseko and Furano.
  15. Originally Posted By: thursday. Nah, I prefer to be home than a gaijin. Totally agree with you on this one, Thursday. But if it gets any whose we will soon have to change that to: I prefer to be alive than dead.
  16. Come on, guys, give Thursday a break! He has clearly stated it's steep from his own point of view. You don't have to take turns pounding him till HE is flat!
  17. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy Markie, when are you getting hitched? I wanna hit HK BEFORE you get married!! CB, concentrate on getting well first. Anyway, there's no rush. Come anytime. Marriage is on the back-burner for now. It's still definitely on, but postponed indefinitely. Her daughter still doesn't feel comfortable about us getting marriage. She is perfectly OK with me dating her mom and loves to play with me etc. but just doesn't want us to get married so I won't push this issue till she is ready. So in the meantime, I'm free, technically.
  18. My poor poor boy. Since I won't have to kiss-ass much longer, let me save one for yours and hope that will make you feel better. Ki wo tsukete!
  19. I bet it's an hour if you stay within the speed limit but since nobody follows that strictly 45 mins is a good guess.
  20. If you know the way or have GPS...it should take about an hour.
  21. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy that was a shocking nite, if Shoko san had a camera in there wed win something, that was just too comical! Either that or at least a few of us would have been thrown in jail.
  22. Oh yeah, right! Now that you mention it, that was how it happened. You asked him to pull your finger and let it rip when he did! Can you imagine? That was only the opening scene to the madness that followed later when Fattwins arrived.
  23. Originally Posted By: Creek Boy Was I? Let me refresh your memory. You stretched out your hand at the dinner table and offered out your finger for BP to hold. It almost looked like a tender (if somewhat gay) moment as BP was holding your finger. Then you let rip..... silent and odourless (at least to me) but BP called out the vibrations.
  24. All this chatter about this illustrious topic made me remember the time we were having dinner at Gravity Works when CB was letting off those big ones and BP was announce the intensity of each one. BPG, Wwok2 and BCS were there too. That was the same evening that Fattwins joined us later, totally drunk and started throwing forks/spoons around.
  25. Of course I am your friend. Any one who is a naughty girl is welcome to be a friend of mine. But please don't let me know how naughty you are because I am no longer available.
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