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  1. I'm interested in this too, just been looking into it the last few days..... Any more impressions would be great!
  2. You're not wrong there. 600 yen for 500 meters or sommat stoopid like that.
  3. They have them round here, put in last year I think.
  4. There is a lovely sakura tree at the bottom of my road (not blossomed yet of course). But just under the tree is are a few old rusting car and some old fridges in what can only be called a tip. It bewilders me how the Japanese seem to be able to block out the mess under the tree and look at the tree. I wish I could do that. I see a mess, they see a lovely sakura tree.
  5. Bottom and bollocks are rather good words.
  6. Very well thank you. I think I might go out a few times more even
  7. I wonder if anyone lost their jobs because of this. Isn't that usually the case when an apology is needed - top guy goes!
  8. Very interesting. There's some treasures back there you know
  9. Yeah, I've done Dodonpa - excellent ride. I've only got 1 face though.
  10. Very interesting. There's some treasures back there you know
  11. Anyone been up close recently? Would love to see progress on this one.
  12. Why do the Japanese seem to say this so much when they mean I am excited. Even when you teach them every week for 10 years, it is still made. And it sounds sound raunchy too.
  13. Have you sent them any questions to answer? I'm really looking forward to that one.
  14. I love sushi too, can't get enough of the stuff.
  15. Correct me if I am wrong people, but "giri" is kind of like obligation. So many girls give giri chocolate to their work colleagues/boss etc - even if they hate his guts.
  16. All this "anti-US" (or "them hating us" as many USers will take it) will only stir them up more, methinks.
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