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  1. Crazy person...! nice little added touch there...!??!?
  2. Port D is yeah on the Aus Coast! Beautiful place... soo pretty and the great barrier reef... mmm.... i got stranded on the reef when i was 9 and i have been scared of snorkelling since but i'd like to go back... to get over the fear...!?
  3. I think the only books i have ever read from cover to cover are.... Harry potter the 1st one *last year!! Goosebumps the Haunted mask *hey i was in year 6! Go Ask Alice *book bout a drug addicted teen Stoker *From the eyes of the last surviving POW WWII The last 2 are fantastic books both true storys resonablily depressing but they keeped me hooked. Im not much of a reader... hence i have only completed 4 books....!!
  4. I aggree with drew.... whatever happens happens... i believe it in some cases, ie. "it was fate you were ment to be with them" that type of thing or "it was fate that you werent ment to be with them" Meh! whatever happens happens...!?
  5. I lost a few kg's in japan... i guess the strange... sorry "different" food and the daily exersice got me "fit" !! ?? I got straight back to my normal weight when i got home....
  6. marriage is a girls dream... of a beautiful day and the most magical time of their life but meh... to me marriage is the beginning of the rest of your life... your family your soul mate your companion you everything for the next forever!! Im looking forward to it all when it all happens one day down the path.
  7. Quote: Would you be happy to go out with a girl/boy who has a boy/girlfriend? nope... Quote: Would you be happy to make that girl/boy your girl/boyfriend if you got the chance? maybe if they had broken up with either signifigant (sp) other... Quote: Do you think it is wrong to pursue a relationship with someone who you think is more suited to you than your current partner? Its only wrong if you hurt ur current partner...! so if your gonna do it break up with them first & make sure its the right decision! Quote: Do you think that person who did in fact
  8. Since this is a thread on nothing,... speaking of ATMS, my sweet little old nanna asked my mum one day how the men get inside to push the money through the slots...!!!!! hehhee... i love nannas..
  9. i used to watch Degrassi religously! every night at 5:30 on ABC! QUALITY!
  10. I think the worst idea ever.... well i think the most usless inventions would be appropriate (sp)! for instance, it was recently my 21st and i was givin an over sized silver key that is also a bottle opener.... i mean really... ok so it has a use but i dont think i'd ever wanna own up to having one? the thought was nice...mmm.... Whats some other usless "worst" inventions?? But then on the other hand (can u tell im board) i have to give my praise to the person who invented UNO! what a quality game!!! and thats up there with the best inventions!
  11. Hey all, one of mine and s_f's buddies wants a new board, she would like something she can progress on. I have been trying to suggest the Palmer Liberty.... I have a Palmer Purrl (i love my board!) She is looking at Never Summers, Rides and Burtons... So hows heard what bout girls boards the good the bad and the ugly... and girls - what do you ride?
  12. Speaking of which is anyone In or around Sydney looking or know someone whos looking for a car?? a Daihatsu Charade Toscana 1995 white manual only 54000km!! Give me a hoy - i an always keep my fingers crossed?!?!
  13. im going to look at the car i want this arvo... only the one im looking at is red!!
  14. woyya! "freak" an i are going to be in jindy from the 28th june to the 3rd August...! KICK ASS!! i have to come home for a couple of days its my nephews 1st birthday - i know he wont remember but he is named after me so i feel obligated to be here for it! meh nothing a 6 hour drive cant fix!! We would catch up down there! and hey i might kick ass by then!! ahehahehe...
  15. I think my list might be up there with 10 or 12 but i'll cut it down to the top 5 (that havent been too) 1, Canada 2, Nepal 3, Sri Lanka 4, New Zealand 5, Russia 6, Germany (sorry i couldnt cut it down to 5!!!) places i want to go back to... 1, Thailand 2, America 3, Venice 4, The Louve (if only it wasnt in Paris....) 5, Port Douglas/Great Barrier Reef If only money Grew on Trees!!!!
  16. i know a couple of people that do extras work, they get a couple of hundred a day i think, thats just to wander around in the background and "pretend" to talk.... Theres always adds in our local papers for extras... so either they arent paying as much as they used to or as Kamo said its very boring!!!
  17. Hey all... What car do you have? or do you not? I have a Daihatsu Charade, cute little car... but on the snow side of things..... Im looking at getting a Daihatsu Terios, so i dont have to mess around with snow chains... And roof racks, do you travel with you boards and skis on the roof or in the car.... my cars little so its cramped with the boards inside but i cant have removable roofies... mmm...?!
  18. Happy birthday all you birthday boys and girlS!!! It was my 21st on the 13 of may... i had a party it was a blast,... birthdays rock...!! so much fun... you just ask drew he'll tell you how much fun it was! aww... i was ill the next day, i guess that will learn me for having a cocktail party! As for snowboarding on my bday i dont think it will eva happen for me... mays abit of a random mth!! but hey july will be mega!
  19. yes yes i aggree everyone is always trying to blame somone else! always.... its not my fault..!! anyways THis is the Funniest thing i have ever heard... Quote: A Canadian man is suing a New York coffee shop after suffering what he calls damage to his manhood. His penis was pinched between the toilet seat and bowl when he reached forward for toilet paper. He is asking for $1 million to compensate for his "dire and permanent" injuries. His wife is also suing for $500,000, claiming her husband cannot perform his marital duties. kamo thats just gold! gold i tells ya!
  20. Have to put in my 2 cents... here we are, before drew (S_F) and i left for japan i called qantas and quized them.... we were flying together, so i figured since we had 20kg each if we comined it its 40kg's together.... cause in this cause i think drew might have been a couple of kgs ova and i was a couple under so i thought we'd be able to comined (check in as a couple) and we'd be fine... but NO! the lady chucked a narny! thats not how things work! anwayys i think that the airlines should be a little more caring i didnt think my request was too unreasonable! HUMMFF!
  21. rainy days sitting on the couch with ya doona rugged around you in your flanny jamas with a bowl or popcorn in front of a good vid with your slave making you a nice hot choccie....Ah... Bliss...!
  22. Halle berrie.... nothing special... i dont mean to be rude but yes that short hair isnt very good... which team does she play for anyways?!?! If anyone thinks that Delta Goodrum or Holly Valance, our little aussie neighbours stars are "hotties" SHAME ON you!! what ever happen to julia roberts or cameron diaz or selma blair or julia stiles.... ALL the nice girls!?
  23. Theres soo many i keep remembering... the girly ones... Rainbow Bright, Care Bears, My little ponys, Strawberry Shortcake... For those still thinking what else i advise you look at this site, it is memorys apon memorys apon memorys its got to be the webs best site....! have a sneek... www.yesterdayland.com
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