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  1. Watched The Matrix last night first time since I watched it in da cinema. 2nd and 3rd ones up next.
  2. Cool, what will that be used for snow dude?
  3. it would seem to be a right dickish thing to do.
  4. Why do people mention 'the product arrived on time' and stuff like that in amazon product reviews.
  5. Keep them coming! Love the way you spit these out so quickly after getting back, like throwaway snaps!
  6. You should start ski jumping then Tubby. And update us on that other thread!
  7. I feel I want to go to Mold now. Probably even more when the trip reports come in!
  8. That's good to hear they are looking after people with issues.
  9. Used the road yesterday. It really does take a considerable chunk off the journey. I like it.
  10. I try to learn a few more kanji each week. Anyone taking the Japanese exam this year? It must be around now, usually early December isn't it?
  11. Hurray! The Shiisaka Tunnel opened on Friday and now there's much less curves and it has also shaved 15 minutes off driving time between Numata IC and the skijo in Katashina/Oze. Yey. I will be going this season to celeblate.
  12. I definitely believe the tiny insects. They have inside knowledge on these things for sure.
  13. How do we get from one to the other there ippy?! Must be gettin old
  14. Interesting topic and actually we have noticed that since we put in our pellet stove, condensation in our main room in a morning has not been happening.
  15. Cleese needs to pay off his divorce etc.
  16. Can't say yet in real usage terms, but when deciding should we do aircon or pellet stove, the stove is always winning! Just because it's so much nicer. We are buying good quality pellets, and they cost 550 yen per bag of 10kg.
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