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  1. I hate beer. I think: 1. Oolong Hai 2. Umeshu 3. Ume sawa for me.
  2. If I am a resort manager.... A) Gonna put chair-lift-with under bar(for resting feet.) Set chair lift as quick as possible. C) Set up Lift pass cheap as possible. D) Make good & big Terrian park. E) Encourage local people to make backpackers or reasonable condos for sell. Then I gonna open a lot of Bars etc around Slopes. Then wait until drunken people will drop a lot of moneys at Bar.
  3. Akibun- same here. Front of Skyperfect-Best seats & safe seats ever! Definately I will not gonna go outside on 7 June.. esp. near Sapporo studium... .... Geez. No! P.S. I heard nat has semi-final tickets. Lucky bitch!
  4. Nat... friend.... Why you know & where did you get all of these events which related with Core X game? ... just I wondering
  5. Apart from some places in hokkaido, there are not that many place has really STEEP course. I went to Kijimadaira there today, I was surprised the course called Pioneer course - Nice and steep ( I thought!) I heard that course used to be only for Skier but when I went there, Skijo opened for snowboarders as well! It was cool! Check it out!
  6. Is there any recommended park in the end of season? I hate icy kickers... I prefer slightly melted kicker for my sensitive ass...
  7. Apart from Mt. Patrol, I have never seen Japanese people ride snowmobile in snowy town... Back home... people using it everywhere, but I haven't seen one even in Hokkaido. Snowboiles are not famous in Japan?
  8. In July & August, Wanaka & Queenstown become 'Japanese village.' huge number of Japanese dudes live in winter in SH.
  9. nhk showed snowboard @13.00 today. i think japanese boy(nakai?) was really cool but judgement was shit.
  10. Too many people in Naeba => Zillion of people on the slope => Boys & Girls crash each other due to many people on the slope => say 'sorry' each other => starting chatting each other when people waiting for lifts or gondola after they crash each other => exchanging their mobile phone numbers =>in the evening => Boys & Girls CRASH their ROOM This is the way in Naeba. Cheers.
  11. I agree with Boo & Kuma. And I would like to say that: "We(Girls) need to have [lifts with bars] for resting our sensitive feet!" I saw only 2 lifts with bars in North Japan...Why many resorts have lift with no bars?
  12. I seems like many injuries/sad news recently. I heard two kids died in Gala Yuzawa and now, another two in Tenjindaira! I saw a young snowboarder was bleeding on the slope in Nagano( I hope he is okay) and one skier was evacuately by rescue in Kita-Shiga.... Safe ride people!
  13. Okay guys.... Which company's board is best for Japan's snow? Burton??
  14. i use: board: burton binding: burton boots: northwave binding: drake goggle: smith what do you use? i plan to buy new board....any recomendation?
  15. Do you know any back-packer place in Niseko? I want to take longer that a month, I cannot spend a lot of money for accomodaion! Any idea?
  16. Do you know any back-packer place in Niseko? I want to take longer that a month, I cannot spend a lot of money for accomodaion! Any idea?
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