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  1. SSX. Loving it. hustle kings on the ps3 as well, especially now there is snooker.
  2. Definitely. Actually the other day I noticed myself being rather vague on purpose when I spoke Japanese to someone. I was trying to get out of going to an enkai and it worked. It can come in handy.
  3. Just re-read you didn't take your jacket. Yep, that would screw me too!
  4. Bummer that muika. My ticket holder is actually part of my jacket, so I can never forget it!
  5. How long is your trip to Kagura, Gary, if you don't mind me asking?
  6. Naeba is probably bigger than 95% of ski resorts in Japan.
  7. Wow incredible images. "The lift won't be open before next season" = shocker!
  8. They had signed up to follow the Twitter feed to get racing updates. But followers of TV horse racing commentator Simon Holt ended up with racy updates after a saucy personal message was accidentally sent to hundreds of followers. The tweet: ‘Oh and by the way, I want your hot body tonight babe. xxxxx,’ was posted on the Channel 4 horseracing expert's public timeline under the user name @PlumptonRaceDay. Tweeted 5.18pm on Tuesday, the message was accidentally sent to hundreds of followers but soon went global as it was retweeted hundreds of times.
  9. The thing is, many people talk about and may well have the intention of 'supporting Tohoku' and doing what they can, but actually getting out there and going is a whole different matter. People are like that.
  10. Was there ever any skiing in that series or was it all boarding?
  11. I see they have lifted the exclusion zone orders for areas 20-30km from Fukushima plant as well....
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