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  1. I'll venture down to Yoyogi for the Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Dig into some tasty burritos and tacos.
  2. I was in Korea last year and went to one of the most popular craft breweries in Seoul, Craftworks. It was lukewarm at most. My buddy and I agreed that the craft beer industry in SK has a long way to go. Had a long talk with the manager and figured out that SK is really strict on their microbreweries. Big name companies are trying to fight off the little guys. Here in Japan, microbrewery is taking off! If I don't go down to Yokohama, I usually grab a few bottles from my nearby liquor store. They stock a nice selection of imports. <img src="https://www.dropbox.com/s/6y3lnkwsltqyji8/201
  3. I'm thinking you're right. I'm still a newbie here with a lot to figure out. One day, I'll be up to your level. Haha! Let's just say I had a good trip in Feb. Can't wait to see what next year will bring then.
  4. LOL Well, I questioned how my incredible compares to your incredible. It's all relative, I guess. I'd like to hear your incredible stories sometime.
  5. I had a good time up in Miyoko on the 22nd of Feb. The snow was plentiful and fluffy as cotton. Prior to that, there were two snow storms that blew through Tokyo that boggled things down so no one was able to get out. The days following the snowstorms were clear and sunny, but I was stuck in the city unfortunately. Maybe you guys have had an even more incredible time.
  6. Feb was a bad month? I thought it was an incredible month. Two weekends of huge snow dumps. The only problem we had was getting there to enjoy it. Also, the snow dumps happened on the weekend, so the pristine sunny weather was over the weekdays while I was camped away inside, slaving at work. I will be more organized next year, however, and hit the slopes earlier. Going earlier is better than later. Looking forwards to taking up the slopes while everyone's getting their drink on over the New Year holidays.
  7. I received a leftover ticket and went to Happo-one, but it was short lived as my bindings busted before I could even go down on my first run. Sad to say, but the day ended very shortly. I'll write up a review shortly about what my observations of the ski resort offerings at the base. Apologies for being so late.
  8. My feet are as flat as a runway also. I have always just avoided shoes and boots with high arches, but I'm curious about these support insoles. Are they that beneficial? I tried them on in the shop and I couldn't really notice anything, let alone some extra cushioning under my feet. Mick, shape - katachi nagasa - length ashi - foot. Try using those Japanese words to help you out. I always have to use gestures and repetition to get my message through. Sometimes you just get an impatient salesman. Keep trying!
  9. That was the last of the decent snowfall? Say it isn't so! I still want to get out a couple more times. I am hoping another snowstorm will come, but looks like the weather is just getting warmer and warmer. Not looking forwards to riding through slush again.....
  10. I'm debating going out this weekend also. Is the snow slushie or decent? When I was at Madarao two weeks ago, it was slush powder. It was pretty fun to spray your friends with it, but not as easy to get down. I'll probably get out to Hakuba......
  11. I've been watching the weather reports of the snow! Getting excited for this weekend! How do you guys get the time to just leave for the mountains on a whim like that? Geez, I wish I had that lenient of a job. Har har.
  12. Awesome! There are some places that I've never heard of nor seen in the travel books. I hope that the lesser known ones will be less crowded. Saving some ideas for next season!
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